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If you have a miscarriage, how long do you usually bleed

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A:After the miscarriage, you may bleed for up to two weeks and you may also have cramping pains during this time. The amount of,more [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-have-a-miscarriage%2C-how-long-do-you-usually-bleed ]
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How long do you usually bleed after a miscarriage
Bleeding after a miscarriage usually settles down within 7 to 10 days. Sometimes infection can make the bleeding last longer.
How long do you normally bleed after having a miscarriage?
The bleeding will last anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks. ChaCha!
How long are you normally suppose to bleed with a miscarriage?
Miscarriage bleeding can last for several days, or not very long. It's best to call your OB/GYN who can examine you.

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Q: Ok I'm not sure if I'm having or had a miscarriage right now. I've been bleeding a lot from last month until now and it's not my normal period flow. How long do you usually bleed when you have a miscarrage? How do you know if your having one? I have a doctors appointment today but I'm just so nervous/anxious I want to try and get some answers here. I'm not sure if I actually was pregnant though..The bleeding was spotting for one day, a couple days later I had bleeding for 5 days (which I thought was my normal period) but then a couple days after that I started bleeding very heavy, very dark, with lots of clots for 7 days now. I've also been having very bad cramps and sharp pains this last week. I've been light-headed a lot and very dizy (figured thats because of the loss of all that blood)
A: Miscarriage is very painful, no matter how far along you are. And yes heavy bleeding, but I wouldn't think a month of bleeding. im glad to read that you do have an appointment. it very well could be something else. Good luck!!
im not sure if i miscarriaged, how long do you tend to bleed for.?
Q: periods due 11-13thslight brownish discharge 7thheavy bleeding started on the 8th.it was really heavy and had quite alot of clotting in it i usually do have a little clotting in my normal period.my normal period usually only last for 5days.slighty heavy on the first 2days.today is the 13th and i still have slight bleeding not heavy thoughi wasnt sure if i was pregnant, but if i was i would be around 3-4weeks.could this be a miscarriage or is it heavy period.im really trying to figure out if its a miscarriage or notso how long do you usually bleed for if you are having a miscarriage?and what should i do about it ?please any advice will help.
A: If you don't know if you were/are pregnant, it's hard to say if you are had a miscarriage. I would go to your doctor or a hospital and have them check this out. I had a miscarriage several years ago and they were able to tell by taking a blood test (checking your hormone levels). I was only a few weeks along when it happened to me. I went to the hospital right away - it was very heavy bleeding. I do not want to be the bearer of bad news, but what is happening to you is a sign of having a miscarriage. You really should see a doctor and having a miscarriage can also be followed with health complications - so to avoid an infection or something more - see your doctor. I hope everything works out okay for you!
how do you know if you are having a miscarriage?
Q: i woke up monday morning bleeding. it is a darkish brown and not really enough to wear a pad or anything. i called the doctor and they didnt seem to concerned. but i have never bled before when pregnant. this is my third. how long can you bleed before you normally have a miscarriage? does it usually immediately follow if you are going to have one. is my mild bleeding ok, or do i need to still worry that a miscarriage could follow? i am almost 10weeks pregnant.
A: I was told not to worry enless it was bright red, but that was in my case and not yours. I bled through my entire pregnancy and they never determined the cause, even with tons of ultrasounds. I gave birth at 37 weeks to a beautiful baby boy!I'm 5 months pregnant now with a girl, and I had alittle spotting a month ago, but we figured out it was from intercourse.When you have enough bleeding to wear a pad, call your doctor. When you have contractions or a lower back ache with the bleeding, then you really need to get to the ER. But once a misscarriage starts, there's really nothing they can do to stop it. Usually the baby is dead a couple days before the person starts bleeding and cramping. I don't think you have anything to worry about. Its most likely from an internal exam, or some humpy humpy love.

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