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If you have a miscarriage what do they do with the baby < 3

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A:It depends on when the miscarriage occurred but most likely it will pass just like your period and you will not notice! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-have-a-miscarriage-what-do-they-do-with-the-baby-%3C-3 ]
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Does a miscarriage mean that the baby died
Yes, having a miscarriage means that the fetus (baby) has died. ChaCha!
Am i pregnant? baby miscarriage?
if you only had sex today you would not be feeling anything yet for some time its far too early. i would say something else is causing this pain. but you could still potentially be pregnant if you didn't use protections o get a tes one in a...
How does the...? baby exit the body after a miscarriage??
It depends on how far along the pregnancy was. In the very early stages the body re-absorbs the tissue. Further along it would be like an extremely heavy period with clots. And if it was pretty far along the baby would have to be delivered ...

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What happened to the baby if you had miscarriage at 5month?
Q: Do they do a funeral? what they do with the baby after the miscarriage? The baby's heart stopped? and next week and she's having miscarriage next week.
A: I think it would be upto the parent. I think it would be kinda wrong if they just took the baby away...they probably would let the parents chose whether they want to have a burial, at 5 months the baby is fully formed so they should let her hold a funeral if thats what she wants.
I am scared! I just had sex! and what are the risks of having sex with open cervix?
Q: I had a miscarriage but it wasn't a regular miscarriage. Baby died and i was too far a long to do a d and c. So i was induced. I had sex 4 weeks after(unprotected) and felt my cervix and it was still open a little, but very little, like maybe a millimeter or smaller. I heard you could get a bad infection if it is still open. My doctor said it was ok to have sex if I wanted to after I stopped bleeding. I felt crampy after and still feel crampy, also have thicker discharge then and still.I already had period after and that was a week and like 4 days ago. I am scared of getting infection. And scared I could be pregnant again and It would be too soon. And I am scared family will be mad because of how soon it was after and they are probably going to think that I really showed i am irrisponsibility and was stupid for getting preggo again so soon after. I just turned 19 in Dec. It is too soon to tell if I am preggo by a test though because I just had sex a couple days ago like 2 days agoit is not bad cramping(very mild) but I was told that it could be that i may be ovulating that is why a little scared of pregnancy. I wouldn't mind being pregnant again just really scared of what others would think.
A: sweetie who is the one here that could be pregnant? you or other people? its you and all you have to care and think about is yourself at the end of the day. too bad if they don't like what you have to say or what you have done. this is your body and if you think your pregnant again well congrats. id just wait 2 weeks and do a home pregnancy test. if its neg, wait another 2 weeks and get a blood test done from your doctor. good luck and i hope it works out for you. also iam sorry about your miscarriage. i miscarried last yr.
I had a Miscarriage, best friend bragging about pregnancy?
Q: In August of 2008 I had a miscarriage, our baby would have been born April 14, 2009. Well, the same day that would have been the birth day of our baby, my best friend decided to tell me that she's pregnant. Now, I'm her best friend, and I'm so happy for her and I'm glad she can tell me these things. The only two people she told were me and the baby's father, so I feel good that she trusts me so much. Except that I'm so hurt that she has such a disregard for my feelings. All I've been listening to is how excited she is, and how her boyfriend calls her "Mama Bear" and how he FINALLY decided to move in with her. She talks about what she wants to name it and if I want to babysit sometime.Let me say that she is just, this week, seven weeks. She went and got an ultrasound today, saw the baby, saw a heartbeat, and now she won't shut up about "OMG it was so FAST!!! I'm SUPER excited!!!" and shit like that.Then she tells me that she started spotting today and her stomach hurts. Well, that's what happened when I miscarried, and with me it was two days after my first ultrasound. Ironic, I know. But I really don't care that she's spotting. And I feel so horrible for feeling that way but I can't help it.A few days ago, I mentioned that my fiance and I are both very upset about the miscarriage, and I'm grateful to be one she can talk to, but can she please not brag so much?All she said was "Just be glad you don't have morning sickness."Her boyfriend refused to move in with her, they both dropped out of college last year, and he has a minimum-wage dead-end job. How come they deserve to be parents? My Fiance works three jobs NOT including full-time school, and I work two and go to school full-time.What should I do?!!!!
A: You have every right to feel the way you do. How horrible that someone above who claims they experienced a miscarriage has called you selfish. Don't listen to that pig! She can apparently easily replace the loss of one child with another pregnancy but most women will ALWAYS grieve for their first. You are NOT being selfish. You are grieving and in pain and are entitled to every feeling that comes with this healing process. After I lost twins at 21 weeks, I was surrounded by pregnancy and babies. I even had to throw a baby shower which was incredibly painful. And when people approached me to actually complain about their kids, I wanted to scream and shout that at least they were alive. I couldn't believe all the incompetent parents out there who took their pregnancy and children for granted. It seemed so unfair. The best thing to do was for me to literally reject any bad/negative feelings that came up in my head. I had to constantly remind myself to not compare my situation to others. I still struggle with this. BTW: To all those who want to say something helpful to someone who has just lost a child, saying "maybe it wasn't the right time for you" is all WRONG!! It doesn't help at all! So many inept women are having babies.. teens, people who don't even know who the dad is, drug-users, those who have abortions, broke people who will have to raise their child on welfare, people who will end up abusing their child or leaving it in a trash can after birth. So to say a responsible adult who is devasted by the loss isn't ready, is just an insult.

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