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If you have a miscarriage do you need to go to the doctor

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A:It is important that you are examined to determine whether or not the miscarriage is complete to prevent infection & hemorrhage. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/if-you-have-a-miscarriage-do-you-need-to-go-to-the-doctor ]
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Do I need to see a doctor after a miscarriage??
If you have already had one miscarriage, it's possible that it can happen again. I am not being rude, I mean this with all of God's love; I would get off the computer right now and take yourself to the ER - if you are in pain and soaking pa...
Do you need to go to doctors if ive had a miscarriage??
Yes. It is imperative that you go to the doctor. There might be some substances from the baby that was not ejected from the body. And this could cause some complications on the woman's side. So these substances have to be taken out. Also, t...
Should i trust my dr or be more concerned? miscarriage. need advi...?
I'm sadden to read about your loss but I know and you will be blessed again with another angel soon. Miscarriages are painful so I really would suggest you speaking with your Dr. again so he can assure you that you will be okay by waiting. ...

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Went to doctor, think im having a miscarriage...need serious advice!!1?
Q: I am about 6 weeks. I went to a doc yesterday They did a pregnancy test and it was positive, then they talked to me about the usual. Well I have had spotting on and off for the past two weeks with some very mild cramping. They said that was fine and very normal for a lot of women, so I came home calm yesterday and we are moving the end of the month so I was waiting to go to an actual ob until we are moved and settled. Well today my spotting became very heavy and every time I went to the bathroom and urinated there was red blood, and blood clots and a mucus type of stuff in the blood, and the doctor said it was ok to have brown old blood but not red, so I panicked and called the doctor, they cant get me in until monday so I spoke with the doctors nurse and she told me I was probably having a miscarriage and she would talk to the doctor and call me back, but most likely they would just have me come in monday. So would you say it is probably a miscarrage, and if so whats next?I have read on the internet that you sometimes have to have surgery after a miscarriage, is that true and about how much does that usually cost?
A: How scary and ridiculous that they can't get you in until Monday. Go to the ER if it gets worse, please. They can do an ultrasound to see what is going on.I do have friends that spotted bright red in the first trimester and gave birth 7 months later to a healthy baby. Put your feet up, drink lots of water and if it gets worse please go into the emergency room.
if you have a miscarriage at 2 weeks do you still need to go to the doctor?
A: hey,Yes health is priority.dont know how 2 weeks pregnant works though..god Bles xx
Do you need to go to the doctor if you have a really early miscarriage?
Q: Let me explain my question. Some people have early miscarriages and don't even know it. They just believe they start late. Well, that is not my case. I NEVER took a pregnancy test, but I knew that I was pregnant. I miscarried this morning and I just want to forget about it and try again. With that being said, most of you are wondering how I knew I was pregnant or miscarried. Well, 10 months ago, I tested early and knew I was pregnant. I had a miscarriage at 5 weeks. My doctor said it was a spontaneous miscarriage. I actually saw my sac in the toilet and everything. It was a pain I will NEVER forget. Unfortunatly, I was faced to re-live that pain again. Do you think that I will be ok if I just let nature take its course. YES I AM SURE IT WAS A MISCARRIAGE. I started spotting yesterday really lightly and then this morning the sac was in the toilet. Like I said, most people miscarry and dont even know it. Only I did! What do you think I need to do?
A: Hi, I was having a threatened miscarriage, brown discharge and a bit of cramping and I rung and spoke to my doctor who said you will either miscarry or the pregnancy may progress and the discharge will go and I asked my doctor if I need to see him if I do miscarry and he said that if I see a clot that is probably the sac then there's not a lot of point in seeing a doctor. After a couple of days I started bleeding heavily and passed a clot and I didn't see a doctor! As long as the bleeding eases after a couple of days and you aren't having more pain or foul discharge I think you should be fine, the doctor probably won't do anything anyway! I got pregnant again 2 weeks after my miscarriage so be careful if you don't want that but if it does happen don't automatically think you are going to miscarry again because I am now 27 weeks pregnant! I'm sorry for what has happened to you and hope that your next pregnancy will be successful! Look after yourself! XXX

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