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I cut myself and it won't stop bleeding how can i get it to stop

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Put pressure directly on the wound. If you have some type of gauze, use it. Gauze pads hold the blood on the If you don't more [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/i-cut-myself-and-it-won%27t-stop-bleeding-how-can-i-get-it-to-stop ]
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What if I cut myself, get a cut that will not stop bleeding, or h...?
Tell your Healthcare provider immediately. Your Healthcare provider will decide if you need to get a checkup.

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It won't stop bleeding?
Q: I'm so disappointed.I was getting close to 8 weeks, then I cut again.I hate myself for this, I knew I would but I still did.I can't fake happiness and that's why I did it. Too much hate.Any survivors? I need hope.Agh, I just hate myself. And how does this damn bleeding stop. It wasn't long, just deep.I know, I have issues.
A: You shouldn't hate yourself for it. I know what you're going through! I've been cutting for 3 years and went 4 months without cutting and then fell apart and it sucks! It seems like faking happiness is next to impossible!You can e-mail me if you want to talk! I'm always willing to help =)misskelsey126@yahoo.com
How do you stop cutting yourself?
Q: I've been cutting myself for a long time trying to get the pain that I'm holding inside out, but I've run out of places to cut without someone finding out and without re-opening the ones that have scabed over. I don't want to stop but I'm afraid that if I don't that one time I will cut so deep that I won't be able to stop the bleeding. Then everyone will know and I will be locked up. I don't want that to happen again. But I can't stop myself! I love the feel of the knife cutting through my flesh to free the pain that resides right below the surface. If there is another way to let it out please someone tell me, because I have yet to find a way. The phyco people don't help whatsoever. All they do is drug you until you can't think or they try to bring a therepist in, and you have to explain all your problems to them. HA! DOESN'T WORK! TRIED!
A: Writing helps. A diary, poems...anything that could express your feelings. That way you can let it out in a constructive manner.
how do i stop the bleeding?
Q: So about 20 hrs ago i was messing with a new planters wart i just got. I took the clippers and was cutting the sking around it. Usually i can do that and squeeze it out myself so i dont have to get it frozen off at the dr. well yesterday i hardly cut around it and it will not stop bleeding. It bled through 3 bandaids that were on at the same time..... and onto my sock.it won't stop bleeding. Now if i put a bandaid on it, it'll stop but if i take it off and start walking...... well.......... this morning i looked down and i had bled all over the entire apt 's carpet.how do i stop it???
A: You have to keep on a bandage long enough for the body to start the repair workPlacing pressure on it stops the blood from leaving the body and it in turn gives the body a chance to do its workSo why not give a little helping hand and leave on the bandage- - -

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