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How to keep from having a miscarriage

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A:Not smoking (smoking while pregnant increases the risk of miscarriage [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-to-keep-from-having-a-miscarriage ]
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How to keep from having a miscarriage
Not smoking (smoking while pregnant increases the risk of miscarriage
Why do I keep having miscarriages?
I had 2 miscarriages, first one was my very first pregnancy, then I had my son, 3rd one was a miscarriage, then my 4th pregnancy I had my 1st daughter and then I got pregnant with twins and I panicked because I had a miscarriage every other...
Why do i keep on having a miscarriage?
Dr. can better advice you i think you must consult your dr in this matter, how to avoid abortion. Here r some usefull tips for getting pregnant fast. Have Fun, Have An Orgasm You’d think sex without the worry of an unwanted pregnancy would ...

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what is the best way to keep from having a miscarriage?
Q: I've had 3 miscarriages and 1 ectopic pregnancy over the past 7 years. During those years, I never took birth control and used condoms rarely. ( I've been with the same person during these years). This recent miscarriage took us 2 years to conceive. What could be going wrong and how can I keep from losing another one?
A: I am really sorry to hear about your losses. I can't imagine that pain. What I have heard is that misscariages happen and it is natural. However, you can try some things to help prevent them lessening the stress in your environment with yoga, writing, reading, whatever works for your stress relief. Maybe meditating. Also, losing weight if your over weight or gaining some weight if you are below your average weight for your height or just at it. Drinking lots of water and maintaining a good diet. If you are too active in what you do exercise wise then you should cool it on the exercise or any strenuous activity in your schedule. Rest often when your tired and haave sex every other day, Really listening to what your body needs and how you feel and adjusting your life to it is going to better your chances and probably ease your mind a lot more too. I would try and make a few changes and give it some time. I hope the best for you and that baby will come when the time is right.
What can I do to keep from having another miscarriage?
Q: I have had 3 miscarriages back to back..after having two healthy pregnancies..just wondering if there was anything that I could do to keep a more healthy pregnancy next time or what exactly can I do to keep from miscarrying..I know it is hard telling some people dont understand why they even miscarry..but I want to see if there is anyone who has had like a few miscarriages and then had a healthy one..and how long after your last miscarriage did you have your healthy pregnancy..sorry to be so confusing if I am..thank you
A: I'm sorry to hear of your losses.. I had a miscarriage/stillbirth at 21 weeks last June with my daughter.. Now I am currently 11weeks...almost 12 with this one.. scared to death I'm going to lose this one too.. However I've been doing a lot of things differently... even my partner won't let me work or do too much activity.... he's scared I will end up losing this one too.. we both want to be parents so bad.. I'm worried about the same thing you are.. just take it easy with your next pregnancy...and try not to worry ( I know that's easier said than done)
how can i keep from stressing ?
Q: im 9 weeks pregnant & alot of stuff including the babys father has been stressing me out & im so worried that i can have a miscarriage from all this stress or that im going to hurt the baby i really try not to but can anyone give me advice on things i can do to STOP all this stress or when im stressing things i can do to make it go away . ? THANKSS
A: I had the same problems...I also used to smoke cigs before I got pregnant, and quit cold turkey (thak god it worked) but without my vise, i was going crazy...and didnt dare pic up a cig because its not my babys fault, so im not gunna take it out on her but ANYWAYS........I tried breathing excersises.....take deep breaths thru ur nose, then blow them out thru pursed lips (well like if u were blowing a kiss lips) think of it like this....this really worked for me so dont be afraid to try, no matter how much it seems like it doesnt work.....but think of the deep breath as all the stress your deeling with...breath it all in and blow out all the problems thru ur lips.....and i know it sounds weird, but "feel" the stress leave your skin....and relax all your muscles at the same time.....if that doesnt work, try writing down your feelings in a journal whether it be saved on ur comp. or in a note book.....that doesnt work so much for me, but it has helped zlot of people i know.....good luck and think of the baby....when things get rough, go into another room, away from the situation for a few mins, and jsut breath.....think of nothing else excpet the breathing......do not think of the problem while u are doing this....try it out plz.....i hope it works for you...let me know!! GOOD LUCK MOMMA

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