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How many pills do I have to take to have a miscarriage

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A:There's not a specific amount of ibuprofen, aspirin or naproxen to be used for a miscarriage. Your Dr. or a family planning clinic can help you decide what to do. Forcing a miscarriage is dangerous, and could cause you to have internal bleeding. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-many-pills-do-i-have-to-take-to-have-a-miscarriage ]
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How many pills would you have to take to miscarriages??
birth control pills do not normally effect the fetus unless it is very long term when prego. it is just strongly advised not to take them so it doesnt harm the development of the baby.
Can taking a large dose of birth control pills cause a miscarriag...?
I have a few things to say. 1. Trying to perform a abortion on yourself is STUPID and DANGEROUS! It most likely will not work and if ti does, you could get charged with murder and/or seriously harm yourself. 2. No. It will not work. Birth c...
Is There A Pill I Can Take To Cause A Miscarriage??
To much of anything is not good for you. Only the Lord has power to choose life or death. Don't take anything to cause a miscarriage if I am perceiving this question correctly.

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How many weeks after a miscarriage did you get your period?
Q: I had a miscarriage on July 30th. Barely this Monday I had my 1st doctor appointment since the miscarriage, and at the ultrasound it turned out that my uterus was still not cleaned up completely so I got 4 pills to take. Today I have been moody, my legs hurt(for some reason that's one of my symptoms) when getting my period. Could it be possible that I might get it already? Or is it too soon?Before my pregnancy my cycles were long from 35-38 days, will that still be the same? Or will it change?
A: well, i started my period 4 weeks after my bleeding stopped. Everyones body is different and since your uterus hasnt completely cleaned up it could be that also. I bled for 6 weeks altogether with my miscarriage and had two sets of different pills to help me uterus clean itself out. My cycle did change from a 29 day cycle to a 30-32 day cycle after my miscarriage. It could also be your hormones because it took me about 8 weeks for me to feel normal again (body wise anyway). Im sorry for your loss i truly am.
Misoprostol question?
Q: 4th miscarriage, had a D&C for the last 3. I found out 2 weeks ago, only developed to 6.5 weeks, confirmed with an additional ultrasound a week ago. My OBGYN decided to give me a week to try and miscarry on my own, since I was on progesterone suppositories they thought I might miscarry naturally after stopping them. Two weeks after stopping, still no sign of bleeding. I've been charting my temperature, and still no decline, so my progesterone levels are still high, and I probably won't bleed anytime soon.My obgyn gave me misoprostol saying I could take it anytime this week if I got tired of waiting. I think I'm ready to try it tomorrow morning. I was given 2 pills of misoprostol once a few hours before a d&c to help soften my cervix before the procedure, it cramped a lot, but wasnt too bad.So now my questions. Has anyone used it? How painful was it? How long did the pain last? Did you pass contents naturally or did you end up needing a d&c afterwards? How many pills did you take? How long did it take to pass the products of conception? Any other tips would be great too. I'm trying to get food ready, organise my house, pack a little bag incase I do need to go to the hospital, and get all the items I think I might need ready to use next to my bed. I have my hubby and a friend both ready tomorrow to take care of me. Any other tips?
A: I am so terribly sorry for your losses. I got pregnant via IVF and the baby's heartbeat stopped at 7 weeks. I was on progesterone as well. My fertility doctor wanted me to miscarry naturally and if I didn't he would do a D&C. He does not like using misoprostol because of the painful contractions and that it does not always work. Even a D&C is risky and because I want to conceive still, he thought natural was best. It took 4 weeks after stopping the progesterone for me to miscarry naturally. To be honest, I am glad I waited. I do have a friend who took misoprostol and said she had terrible contractions and bled a lot. She did not experience any complications and passed everything naturally. She said it was an all day process.If you do decide to do it tomorrow, do have a heating pad or hot water bottle handy. Also, ask if you can take vicodin or another strong painkiller with the misoprostol. I experienced severe pain miscarrying naturally and vicodin and heat helped so much. Looks like you've got all your other bases covered. Oh, maybe keep a throw up bucket nearby. I did my share of that when I miscarried.If you decide to wait I suggest finding an acupuncturist. They can provide herbs and treatment to help you progress naturally.Not sure if you are interested but I belong to a fertility forum called Fertile Thoughts. I have gotten lots of help there. I know for certain other women have taken misoprostol and would share their experience with you. You can even just join (free and no spam emails and such) and search other stories/comments about it. You can also read stories from women who used misoprostol here http://www.misdiagnosedmiscarriage.com/mycommunity/viewforum.php?f=17&sid=65ea00d8f29ebc457e739255e8a180f4Sending positive thoughts....
I have one ovary and one fallopian tube, what are my chances?
Q: I has a miscarriage a year ago, i got a cyst on my ovary afterward and they had to remove my right ovary and fallopian tube. What do you think my chances are of getting pregnant? I've been told by many I have a good chance but I still don't know.Also, If I take fertility pills how much would it increase my chances of having multiples?
A: HiI understand how you feel cuz i had a cyst on my tube and they removed the tube and ovary ...and i think you chances are very good as i have 1 daughter and have also gotten preg a 2nd time.So i wouldn't worrie if i was you i also use to worry but im sure there is no need as i have the same prob as you and i dont have any prob.Good luck

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