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How long are you in the hospital after a miscarriage

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A:It depends on the miscarriage - some women miscarry at home. Most are back to normal activities within 2 days of the miscarriage. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-are-you-in-the-hospital-after-a-miscarriage ]
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How long are you in the hospital after a miscarriage?
HI, I had my misscarrage 5 weeks ago, i did nit have to stay in hospital at all because nature took its course, I do know in most cases if you get a D&C you are normally out the same day, unless there is any compications. Hope this help...
Do you have to go to the hospital if you have a miscarriage??
There is no treatment to stop or prevent a miscarriage so there is no point to going to the hospital immediately. However medical review would be required to see if you actually have miscarried and that there is nothing left that shouldnt b...
How long do you stay in the hospital after a miscarriage??
It all depends. If someone has been bleeding for one day they'll check them, do an ultrasound and if there's no retained 'parts' then they'll send them home and have them follow up with their ob/gyn's. If they've been bleeding a lot for day...

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How long were you in the hospital after a still birth? What about a late term miscarriage (16-19 weeks)?
Q: I'm trying to write a paper and I can't find this information anywhere. Please, any information will be helpful.
A: I was in the hospital for 24 hours after.
how long are you in hospital after surgery for a miscarriage?
Q: If an 11 week pregnancy ended in miscarriage and surgery to remove the fetus was this morning, how long wold it take normally and would they keep you in ? I am seriously doubting 'a friend' and her story!The baby had no heart beat at the scan. hadnt 'miscarried' as such.friend went to hospital between 7am and 8am. was out of theatre by 11am and posting messages on facebook keeping everyone 'up to date'. was home by 1:30pm and updating facebook. Some of her status update messages are jaw dropping! The last i'd be thinking about was sodding facebook or updating the net on what could possibly be the most upsetting day of my life!!Im not judging - im asking! Plus, she lied about her last miscarriage so I have every reason to doubt her and her attention seeking methods. Posting updates on facebook is not as ign of someone who apparently distraught! in one of her messages, immediatley after theatre she writes ' I cant wait to get out on the town again, i'll be out sooner than you think-wey hey'! not right huh?She may need support but support from friends is not what she needs. its medical help and I for one have already suggested this but ended up being put in her bad books for it. She's a danger to herself and others - the lies dont just stop at miscarriage. She accused her mate of practically raping her and a friendship between her hubby and the guy were broken. Then she had the gall to admit she lied all along!!
A: It is certainly plausible that your friend was 'in' and 'out' so quickly. I have experienced this procedure both as patient and healthcare provider. D & C's are generally performed under general anaesthetic but it is a light anaesthetic and the patient can generally go home as soon as they have satisfied medical staff that their vital signs are all ok. An overnight stay is needed more often if the procedure happens towards the end of the hosptal's day stay hours, or if there has been very heavy blood loss.As to whether or not your friend is lying. It is hard to say. I have come across women who have faked pregnancy, miscarriage and even their own death ( I must point out that this is through work on a counselling service - I don't simply know lots of strange people). Her comments and behaviour are certainly not what you would typically expect. However, loss can affect people in many different ways and it is not unusual for a woman in this position to try laughing and joking as a means of deflecting from pain and not wanting to appear vulnerable.The bottom line is that if this is simply a tall tale, then your friend still has a huge problem. It is not normal behaviour to fake things like this and it suggests that she is in need of a great deal of support whatever the truth behind this miscarriage.
How long after a miscarriage and not having your period should you wait before worrying?
Q: Two months ago I went into the hospital for side pains and found out i had a tubual pregancy. It was sugically removed, but not before i bled out one liter of blood. I've had my post-op check up and everything was normal, and i'm defintely not pregnant anymore but I still haven't had a period yet. I was just wondering if it's normal to wait this long, or maybe my body's still in shock from the trama or what?
A: I think you're right on the money. It was a huge hardship on your body to go through what it did and it may not be strong enough to allow a period just yet. Your body knows what its doing and I wouldn't worry. : )

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