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How do you make yourself have a miscarriage

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A:Before you do anything like make yourself have a miscarriage, you should get counseling. Don't do it yourself, it's too dangerous. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-you-make-yourself-have-a-miscarriage ]
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You can make yourself have a miscarriage by throwing yourself to the floor, up against that wall, or fall down in any way face down on your stomach. I wouldn't advise any of these if you are pregnant.
I would not advise having a miscarriage by yourself, this could be serious, seek professional help, its free and safe. ChaCha
"You should not want to have a miscarriage. If you do you can fall down and hit your stomache, do drugs, drink alcohol, and just not take care of yourself."

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How to make yourself have a miscarriage?
Q: I am just outraged at the answers I seen people give a 14 yr old little girl in regards to this question! I am the mother of 4 girls, 2 of which are adults, and I also have 2 wonderful grandchildren! In 2004 I had an ectopic pregnancy, which is common and suppose to be a simple procedure. Well, it wasn't so simple. The fetus was so large that the doctor ended up having to remove my right tube and the also punctured my bowels, having to do reconstructive surgery. At that time , I was told I would never be able to have anymore children. Well, again, the doctors were wrong! Here I am 38 yrs old, the economy is at its worse and I find out that I am 8 weeks pregnant!. I have experienced having children and I know what it feels like to hold your child for the first time and I know how you fall in love with the child the very moment you hear them cry! I am sorry, but I don't feel guilty for not wanting to have this baby! I have checked into having an abortion the "legal" way and it is $690, which I don't have and I know me! I can't have a child and just give it away! I am looking for an answer that don't involve a bunch of mean answers. I am not a cruel person, I love my children and grandchildren very much, I just don't want this FETUS!! Everyone call's it a baby. Well, I seen with my own eye's my ultrasound because the doctors were in disbelief that I was pregnant and what I seen did not resemble a baby. I know in the end, I will keep this child even though I know it's not the best or right thing to do. I am just struggling with my thought's at the moment and would like some positive input, not all negative! And please, don't tell me I need to keep my legs closed! I am a married woman and have been for 21 yrs now. I feel that I can have sex with my husband anytime I feel like it! We were not suppose to be able to have anymore children to we didn't think protection wasn't necessary!
A: It doesn't need a lot, just your love - you CAN do that. It doesn't have to go to payed by you college, maybe later in live when he/she can afford it. It doesn't need expensive, brand names clothes - hand me down is just fine...I'm sure you can do it!It easy to say for someone else, but......we're facing foreclosure, I'm after my spinal surgery, and my husband lost his job for 8 months (he got one now, but nothing special), we're in death up to our foreheads, and have all ready 2 kids (15, and 10). I can't wait for my little one to be born (21 weeks pregnant), and we fought that we can't handle....I'm 38 years old, my husband is 44... I believe God will give us everything we need over time, I really trust him, that is what makes is easy. Once your not yet baby shaped baby will move.....Choice is yours, but you can do it, you are great person, and economic situation doesn't matter, love is free, and breast milk to ;-). Take your time, don't rush into any decision. Good luck with whatever you'll choose.
Women who had a miscarriage and got pregnant again....?
Q: I had a miscarriage in April at 5 weeks. We told parents and siblings and a few days later lost it. It was really tough since it was our first. I'm now 4w4d now and am scared to tell my family and close friends that I'm pregnant again, but I want to tell. I want the support and excitement, but I'm so nervous. My husband and I agreed that we'd wait until the first ultrasound when we can hear the heart beat which will be 3 weeks from now. I guess I just want to hear some support and stories from you all.1. When did you tell your family & close friends?2. How did you deal with your anxiety?3. What did you do to make yourself feel better until you were farther along and more confident?
A: I also miscarried in April/May and told a few people so I know what you're going through BUT this also was my 3rd pregnancy 2nd miscarraige. (I had 1 MC then had a baby girl, Then the MC in April/MAY now I am prego again) So I say wait until you're at least 8-10 weeks i know its hard but it stinks when you have to go back and tell people what happened if God forbid anything does. So try to wait it out as long as possible or tell a few you can trust that won't spread the word and then u can feel excited with a few people then get excited all over again when you can make the BIG announment! I am waiting it out myself till at least 11 weeks just don't want to go through it all again if anything happens.
Anxiety during early pregnancy?
Q: I am nearly 6 weeks pregnant. The pregnancy is very much planned and our child will be coming into a stable, loving home. I have my first OB appointment in exactly 2 weeks. I was doing great until I started reading and keep seeing information about miscarriage. I'm now suffering from major anxiety...really weird because *before* all the reading I felt that whatever will be, will be. I know if someone else were saying this I'd say "you're not having any symptoms to make you think something is wrong, your pregnancy symptoms come and go normally, and there's nothing you can do...so enjoy your changing body." But my rational self is drowned out by this anxiety. Did anyone else deal with this? How did you make yourself chill out?
A: i know where you're coming from. Being pregnant you can bombard yourself with info and it can all get a bit scary. it is good to be informed but in some ways you get to thinking ignorance is bliss! just remember your body is rampaging with hormones and so emotions can be heightened. i presume from what you wrote that you have a good relationship with your partner. talk to him, tell him how you feel. this always helped me, males often have a good way of balancing out the overemotional anxiety that we have when pregnant. good luck....

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