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How can you tell if your having a period or a miscarriage

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A:Early miscarriages: Vaginal bleeding, may be preceded by a brownish discharge. Cramps in the pelvic area. Tissue or blood clots. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-can-you-tell-if-your-having-a-period-or-a-miscarriage ]
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How can I tell if I'm having a period or a miscarriage??
You can go into your doctor's office and let him/her know your concern. They will probably want to know about your last menstrual period and any symptoms you may have had. They can run a test called a quantitative HCG to determine if you we...
Does brown discharge and a missed period mean you are pregnant or...?
Get a blood test as well as urine test to be sure, sometimes levels aren't high enough in urine to be detected. I had brown disharge with a missed period and negative urine pregnancy tests but had an ectopic pregnancy. Best be on the safe s...
Am i having a miscarriage or my period?
Honestly it could be either. You would have to go to the hospital to be sure.

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How can you tell if your having a miscarriage or just another period?
Q: How soon can it occur? I'm not sure if it's my period or not. I was at least 5 days late. I'm having cramps through out the day but the cramps hurt more than regular periods. Sometimes it hurts so bad that being in fetal position or any position does not help at all. I am drinking lots of fluid but it still doesn't really help much. Can this be a miscarriage?
A: only if there is a possibility that you are pregnant . some women have misscarrages with out even being aware.
how can you tell if your are having a miscarriage or a period?
Q: i was three wks late on my period i took a pregnantcy test it came out negative but for the past two wks i felt nausaus four times and my breast was sore for a couple of days a few days ago i was having menstraul like pain and now im bleeding but im not bleeding like i usually do im bleeding lighter and when i go to the bathroom the blood flows out it doesnt flow heavy and ive been taking midol and it still doesnt help the pain and its not a strong pain at times it gets kinda of strong but then it get light i dont know what going on i dont know if im having a miscarriage or my period this jus doesnt feel right something is wrong this period just isnt like my other periods i think im having a miscarriage but i dont know if its just me being scared or if i am having a miscarriage or im jus simply having my period...do not that i did had to take hormone pills 2 mnths ago to start my period back up wich it did but this prd was late so i dnt know if its my prd or a miscarraige i needanswers
A: Typically, the symptoms of a miscarriage worsen as the miscarriage progresses. Spotting turns into heavier bleeding; cramping starts and becomes stronger.Among pregnant women, any of the following symptoms may indicate miscarriage:Brown or bright red vaginal bleeding or spotting, with or without cramps. This bleeding may occur very early in your pregnancy -- even before you miss your menstrual period and know that you are pregnant -- or it may occur later, after you know you are pregnant. This is the most common symptom. Mild-to-severe lower back pain or abdominal pain or cramping, either constant or intermittent. A blood-clot-like material, or a gush of clear or pink fluid that passes from the vagina. Nausea, decrease in signs of pregnancy, or loss of breast sensitivity. Dizziness. it’s important for women who don’t know that they’re pregnant to see a care provider if the above symptoms occur because it’s good to get a general check-up just to be sure you’re okay and to confirm (or not) that there was a pregnancy. This is important to know because it can affect how later pregnancies are cared for by your midwife or doctor
How do you tell if your girlfriend had a miscarriage??????
Q: Okay about a week ago I and a girlfriend had unprotected sex (yes I know bad idea) but anyway we thought that she was pregnant and she was supposed to have here period either this week or next. But she woke up Sunday morning and went top go to the bath room and she said that she bleed allot and kind of looked like cells even though I thought that you cant see cells. She said that it was like water and a lot more blood then when she went on her period!! Can you have a miscarriage this early please help me
A: A week is just about the earliest that an egg could be fertilized, travel down the fallopian tubes, and implant in the uterus. So she might not have been technically pregnant when this happened.Some women (definitely not most) experience bleeding during implantation itself. It is usually not a lot of blood, but "watery" is one of the usual descriptions. If the bleeding has already stopped, that may have been what happened.The other possibility is that she just got a weird period. They're not always the same, and stress can cause it to be delayed or come early.She can take a pregnancy test, but it's too early yet for an accurate result. She should wait at least another week.

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