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Does weed raise your blood pressure

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Weed or Marianna is very harmful, because marijuana raises blood pressure and heart rate. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-weed-raise-your-blood-pressure ]
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Does weed raise your blood pressure
Weed or Marianna is very harmful, because marijuana raises blood pressure and heart rate. ChaCha on!
Can smoking weed lower your blood pressure?
I know someone that uses it for this. Not sure if it really does help them, but mentally they feel a hell of a lot better.
Does weed increase your heartbeat rate/blood pressure??
Weed can and will increase your heartbeat and your blood pressure, as do most recreational drugs. You noticing your heartbeat like that is called having palpitations. If you have these symptoms and chest pain go see your doctor right away. ...

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Can Weed raise your blood pressure????
Q: Does smoking/eating weed raise or your blood pressure at all?...I have to do this 24 hour blood pressure monitoring thing cuz my parents think I have high blood pressure and I am still debating whether or not I should blaze that day
A: hahahah i wouldnt that day. wait til afterwords (:i like you alreadyyy.
High blood pressure after a week of not smoking weed?
Q: My boyfriend a week ago today was hit by a car he is in the hospital but doing fine. Nothing major. Well he does have a clot in his brain and there whatching that. other then that nothing else.Well he has been having high blood pressure latley and its not his kidneys or anything else. I heard that getting off drugs could raise your blood pressure. But its not like he does crack or heroin. Could the stopping of a week of not smoking weed cause his high blood pressure?
A: Logically, weed mellows you out. Stress causes high blood pressure, and without that drug to mellow you out, even though you may not be stressed, your mental level is different that what its used to with drugs. It makes sense to me. Did you tell the people taking care of your boyfriend about his drug habit? Dont be afraid to, trust me, they hear it all the time and you won't get in trouble!
If Smoking Weed Turns Your Eyes Red....Why Do My Friend's Eyes Stay White?
Q: My friend if a frequent pot user, when he use to smoke his high caused his eyes to turn red because of the temporary raise in blood pressure but now he doesn't get red eye at all...is he smoking some other kinda weed or something?
A: Red eyes are not caused by any increase in blood pressure - actually just the opposite - a lowering of blood pressure in the eye due to dilation of the blood vessels - hence the red eyes. Same reason it helps glaucoma patients - smoking pot reduces intraocular pressure. For some reason chronic tokers tend to exhibit less of the red-eyed effect than occasional users, and certain strains of pot cause more red-eye effect than others.

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