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Does weed lower blood pressure

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Marijuana often produces a temporary, moderate increase in blood pressure immediately after ingestion; however, heavy MORE? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-weed-lower-blood-pressure ]
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Does weed lower blood pressure
Marijuana often produces a temporary, moderate increase in blood pressure immediately after ingestion; however, heavy MORE?
Can smoking weed lower your blood pressure?
I know someone that uses it for this. Not sure if it really does help them, but mentally they feel a hell of a lot better.
Does weed increase your heartbeat rate/blood pressure??
Weed can and will increase your heartbeat and your blood pressure, as do most recreational drugs. You noticing your heartbeat like that is called having palpitations. If you have these symptoms and chest pain go see your doctor right away. ...

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if you have low blood pressure, is smoking weed bad?
Q: i was just told i have low blood pressure(HYPOtension not hypertension) and i smoke here and there weed. i read that smoking weed lowers blood pressure so does smoking make it worse for me since i already have low blood pressure?
A: Yes, smoking weed does lower your blood pressure. If you already have hypotension this isn't good - you stand a good chance of triggering vasovagal syncope (fainting randomly due to lack of blood pressure) or cardiac arrest if your BP drops too low.
How does low blood pressure effect tolerance to drugs?
Q: I have quite low blood pressure and i was wondering how this effects my tolerance to alcohol and drugs. I find alcohol effects me very quickly and i only need to drink a fraction of what everyone else is drinking or i end up pretty wasted. I wanted to know if there is a link there and if my blood pressure would mean i'd also be really sensitive to drugs weed DXM acid and PCP. BTW This is for a health project, im not planning on doing anything stupid.
A: No...blood PRESSURE..pursay...has nothing to do with it. It is your genetic makeup of your blood structure.
Why when I smoke weed/marijuana does my face sometimes turn VERY white, and lips go very pale?
Q: I don't know if it is an allergy, low blood pressure, low blood sugar or anything else. What does my face turning white and pale lips mean?
A: It is a sign of insufficient oxygenation to the vital organs. If you experience the same at every time better STOP it.

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