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Does a copper iud cause miscarriages

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A:Yes a copper IUD can cause miscarriage or preterm birth. It must be removed immediately if you become pregnant. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-a-copper-iud-cause-miscarriages ]
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Does a copper iud cause miscarriages
Yes a copper IUD can cause miscarriage or preterm birth. It must be removed immediately if you become pregnant.

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Do IUD's cause miscarriages?
Q: I have heard varying info as to how IUD's actually work. I got a copper Paragard IUD after my son was born because my body can't handle hormonal birth control ('ve tried all kinds) and I'm allergic to latex (so condoms are out of the question). But, since I've had it, my periods have been so painful and sporadic (I know what week it's coming, but no idea what day) and they last about 10 days. Some months when it's running late I start worrying that I'm pregnant b/c I begin feeling nauseated and tired and get hot flashes and dizzy spells. But, then my period starts- so I know I'm not. But, I wondering...is it possible that on those months I have actually conceived and the IUD is causing a miscarriage? Or is this just hardcore PMS? I can't seem to find a clear answer as to how copper IUD's really work...some websites say the copper just confuses the sperm, and some come right out and say that no one is really sure how they work. Can anyone shed some light on this sitation? Thanks
A: No, IUD's don't cause miscarriages; for a miscarriage to occur, an embryo must be implanted in the uterus and IUD's don't allow this to happen. IUD's act mainly by causing changes in the composition and viscosity of the mucus present in the cervical opening so sperm can't penetrate into the uterus, go up the fallopian tubes and fertilize an ovum. They also alter the endometrium [lining of the uterus] so any fertilized ova can't implant in there, in case that a hardy sperm succeeds in penetrating the cervical mucosa. As for the pain, an IUD is a foreign object that's placed inside your uterus; in fact, the main reason women have their IUD's removed is due to pain and heavy bleeding. Thus, the pain and bleeding aren't related to an early miscarriage, but to the presence of the IUD in your uterus; in fact, in many women the uterus contracts in an effort to get rid of the IUD, and some actually expell it. If you've had your IUD in place for more than three months and the pain and bleeding are still making you very uncomfortable, talk to your doctor about an alternate birth control method.
Pregnant with a copper IUD?
Q: I got a copper IUD inserted after I had my daughter. It was June 2006. Now I have been having some pregnancy symptoms (tender breasts, a light period (very unlike me), feeling weak if I don't eat every 4 hours or so, had a few glasses of wine and was SICK the whole next day). I took a home test this morning and it showed negative but I am still bleeding just a little from the light period so I don't know if it was accurate (besides I would only be like 3 weeks along). Has anyone gotten pregnant with an IUD? Will it just make me have a miscarriage? How soon can the Dr. test tell if I am pregnant? I can't just leave it in if I know that I am pregnant, that seems like a passive abortion to me and I can't do that. I read that a lot of women do get pregnant with IUDs but mostly in the first year they have them. Also that sometimes taking the IUD out can CAUSE a miscarriage. I need some advice.... Thank you.
A: i am currently 35weeks pregnant and i had the copper iud in until i was 7weeks gone. i was due to have it removed but i was having cramps so they sent me for a scan to see if the coil had moved and they found a yolk sack! i had my blood taken and my hcg levels where doubling and then 2 weeks later i had another scan and you could see a tiny baby and heartbeat and that's when they removed the coil. i have had no problems with the pregnancy just unlucky lol i know another lady this has happened too so i wont be having another coil fitted haha!good luck!
Has anyone else gotten pregnant with a copper iud??
Q: I swear everyone I tell my story to looks at me as though I am a liar. My husband and I decided that getting a copper iud would be the best method of birth control after having our 4th daughter. We had tried almost every method of birth control and if there is a failure rate, it is likely to be me. I got pregnant on birth control pills (I had been on them for years and I guess they just stopped working). I've gotten pregnant when a condom broke and I had 2 planned pregnancies. 6 weeks after having my 4th daughter I had the copper iud inserted and I actually had no problems with it, except for the initial cramping after insertion on the 1st day. Everything went fine for approximately 20 months and then I started feeling really sick to my stomach throughout the day while I would be at work. I knew the feeling, but since I felt my string every month I just knew it couldn't be pregnancy. In late July I hadn't gotten my regular period, but I had been spotting for about 5 days and I was having a really bad pain on my right side. The pain was shooting down to my foot, so I decided to go to the er. When I got there they asked my symptoms and proceded to give me a pregnancy test. The nurse came back a short time later and informed me I was pregnant. I was shocked initially, but then relented that it was just my luck. They gave me an ultrasound to see whether or not the pregnancy was ectopic and found that the pregnancy was fine, the iud was still in the right place and I had a cyst on my right ovary probably caused by the pregnancy and I was advised it would probably go away by my second trimester (which it did). I was approximately 9 weeks pregnant by my ultrasound and my ob/gyne removed the iud, advising that it might cause miscarriage. The ultrasound technician said that she had been seeing more and more cases of women getting pregnant with the copper iud, but honestly she was seeing it in women who had given vaginal birth to more the 2 children already. (The two people I know who have iuds only have 1 child each and both have had theirs an average of 5 yrs). The good news is that the pregnancy was healthy and normal and I gave birth to my 1st and only son March 4, 2008. I got my tubes tied!!!! My doctor joked she hoped not to see me pregnant again, but if I don't get pregnant in the first 7 years it is highly unlikely to happen. (I've got my fingers crossed)
A: Mum warned me about this. A copper IUD doesn't stop you from getting pregnant (it doesn't make the eggs infertile or stop ovulation like some of the other types), it's more to try and stop the egg from settling in and in the cases it doesn't work, it often causes miscarriage if a pregnancy isn't discovered in time as the embryo doesn't have room to grow.Still haven't found a fail-proof method, even combinations of contraceptives have a slight chance of ending in pregnancy. I think you've found the one of the only two that work now, but they're too permanent for those who may still want children later on - which is my dilemma now as the doc advised I change my current contraceptive medication to something else. You should be OK now anyway, I haven't known anyone getting pregnant with their tubes tied!

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