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Do I have to go to hospital for a miscarriage

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A:You might have to go to the hospita, if you have hemorrhaging and/or infection from your miscarriage. That's usually if it's late. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-i-have-to-go-to-hospital-for-a-miscarriage ]
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Do I have to go to hospital for a miscarriage
You might have to go to the hospita, if you have hemorrhaging and/or infection from your miscarriage. That's usually if it's late.
Do you have to go to the hospital if you have a miscarriage??
There is no treatment to stop or prevent a miscarriage so there is no point to going to the hospital immediately. However medical review would be required to see if you actually have miscarried and that there is nothing left that shouldnt b...
Do you go to hospital after a miscarriage?
If you cannot stop the bleeding, feel that the miscarriage is incomplete and that tissue remains unaborted, or if you feel like it -- then you should go to the hospital. Even if you're physically healthy but are hurting emotionally, you sho...

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Should I go back to hospital? Miscarriage or tubal?
Q: I went to the ER on Friday for brown discharge. I was pregnant. They did blood work and my HcG level was 1138 and normal, my cervix was closed but they said there was no sign of pregnancy in my uterus on my ultra sound. I was told it could either be i will start to miscarry or it could be ectopic. Well yesterday I started bleeding HEAVY with clots. I know this is a miscarriage since I have had 2 before that were exactly the same. They told me to come back today to see if my hcg was going down and possibly to have another sono. Since I know Im miscarrying, Im probably not having an ectopic, right? thats the only reason I see for going back to the hospital and I dont want to, if its not dangerous. Please help me.
A: I'm so sorry that you're having to go through this. I just recently had a miscarriage and it devestated me! I don't know how you're still alive and going strong and being so optimistic about all of this. This would be your 3rd miscarriage. I would definitely go back to the hospital as soon as possible. If you miscarried, they will have to do another D&C I'm sure. They had to do one on me. You don't want to miscarry on your own. Have the surrgery because if you miscarry on your own you can have complications and there's always a possibility of hemoraging which you don't want to go through. Go to the hospital, explain your situation and have them help you. Don't go through this tradgedy alone! Good luck and I hope you someday get a healthy little baby!!
Who should pay the hospital miscarriage bill?
Q: I was seeing a woman for a month. After that time, we mutually agreed things wouldn't work out and went our seperate ways. About a week later, there was an "oops". She was bleeding heavier than usual and went to the hospital. They said miscarriage. I paid her $200 for that bill to help her, she has no insurance. Later on, she kept complaining of pain. I told her go back, eventually she did only because she fainted at work. At that time she was told she was pregnant. Long story short, we agreed on the abortion pill. That was scheduled for tomorrow. 2 days ago, I get a call she was in the hospital having a severe miscarriage, even needed some extra blood. The thing is she was told not to work hard until after the abortion, but went in for 12 to 16 hour days anyway knowing this could happen. Now instead of a $500 pill, there is a huge hospital bill. How should this bill be paid? I was ok splitting the pill cost, but she seems to have caused the severe miscarriage herself.I'm a responsible type of person, and yes it takes two to tango. However, I'm torn between what is proper help? She completely defied dodtors orders and caused this to happen. I dont feel 50% responsible for that.I'm not going to pay the whole thing, I never was. Like Goerge C said, she was stupid. So why should I make up for her stupidity? Both in the conception and over working herself. I agree, the conception was 50% my fault. So I agreed to pay for 50% of the abortion. I did NOT tell her to go to work long hours, for all I know she may have tried to force a miscarriage to avoid abortion, nor knowing it was going to be severe. In fact I did the opposite. And I dont know why she doesn't have insurance. Next time I know, dont date a woman that doesn't have it. Finally, I will talk to her. I'm thinking that paying 33% of the bill is fair. She threw 1/2 out the window being dumb, and I am not a charity that makes up for stupidity. When she knew. Actually, by paying 33% I still am being a charity I should give her the original $250 for the pill and call it that. But no, I am nice and a man. So I'll help her. And hopefully she learned too.
A: Wow, your pretty nice for doing that. I don't think u should be responsible for all of this. Why aint she got insurance?? Does her job consist of stripping or flipping (burgers)...???I think u should tell her what u told us. And if she wants to try and milk ya, then she is gonna have to take u to small claims court or Judge Judy. I think that if she doesn't have insurance, than she shouldn't be having sex. And u have done as much as u can do. Hmmmm... Your a nice guy. Where do u live?? =)
Wollongong hospital miscarriage humiliation?
Q: I want to know if i should sue the hospital.I was 17 weeks pregnant,and started having contractions,i called the hospital immediatly and told them,they where 3 min apart.They told me to rush in.I did this,and when i arrived in the emergency room i was told to take a seat,i was in agony.The contractions where coming harder and faster.I started to pace the floors as the pain was too unbearable to sit.I still had not even been triaged.I went up to the nurse and begged to see a doctor as the pain was too unbearable,she told me to take a seat and wait.After 1 hour i started to lose track of time.Finally some time later a nurse called me too the triage room.On the way in there,i yelled to her that something was coming out,then my baby,still in his bag,fell to the floor,in front of a crowd of people.I was screaming.The baby was still alive.They took him away from me,and took me to a private room,but then it was too late,he was gone.The pain of this has haunted me since it happened 7/07.In jan of this year i finally had the courage to go to the paper,they published my story,the hospital replied,but lied saying i was triaged immediatly upon arrival,this is an outright lie.This has only added to my pain.My son did not deserve to die this way,his little head had a dint on it from where he hit the floor.Nobodys child deserves to die like that,i did not deserve to miscarriage,with heaps of men staring at me.The men did not need to see such a site.Sorry for such a long post i just need to fully explain so you understand my pain.I just wont to know should i sue them.Its not about money,at all.Its about my son,its about future women,and stopping the system from letting them down.Miscarriage is hard enough,without having to remember hearing your baby hit the floor,and looking down at him moving about in pain.Please no nasty posts,this is hard enough.Thanks for taking the time to read my story
A: im so sorry for ur loss..i also lost a boy in 01/07 so i understand ur pain..but i think u should definetely sue them..

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