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Can you have a miscarriage a month into pregnancy

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A:Yes, you can miscarry a month into a pregnancy. Most miscarriages occur in the first trimester. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-you-have-a-miscarriage-a-month-into-pregnancy ]
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Can you have a miscarriage a month into pregnancy
Yes, you can miscarry a month into a pregnancy. Most miscarriages occur in the first trimester. ChaCha!
What are the chances of getting pregnant a month after a miscarri...?
MANY women report that it is easier to get pregnant the cycle after a miscarriage, now I don't know if that is true, it is most likely that you will ovulate the following cycle. If your doctor asks you to wait a certain amount of time befor...
When you miscarriage after 4 months of pregnancy do you still giv...?
Yes. that's 16 weeks. but, no worries, it's not like actually giving birth. the embryo is still underdeveloped at this stage in the pregnancy to be considered a baby. If you were farther along in your pregnacy it would be a lot more diffucu...

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How much bleeding occurs when you have a miscarriage less than a month into the pregnancy?
Q: I just recently started umm.. having sex. I'm on birth control, but I'm on a continuous cycle which keeps me from getting a period because I have really bad PMDD.Anyway, I didn't think I was pregnant but a few days ago I started getting BAD cramps. I'm not used to that so I knew something was wrong. Then yesterday I started bleeding, but today no blood. I'm scared that I might have had a miscarriage because I never have a period. And if it was in fact my period, the bleeding should have been much heavier because I haven't had a period in about 5 or 6 months.Can anyone please help me?(BTW, the it's been less than a month since I started having sex so I couldn't have been more than a few weeks along?)Alright, I have to clarify, I didn't just start having sex. I hadn't had sex in a few years and I just started having sex again. So yea. lol
A: well, with miscarriges you can bleed for a few weeks straight, and there definetly would have been some blood clots. i don't think you did have one because you only bled one day. BUT, you should get it checked out just to be on the safe side.
when is the soonest you can have a miscarriage?
Q: a month into the pregnancy...2 months?thank you for your answers.....but what are different things that cause miscarriages?
A: no one knows what causes a miscarriage.. there are a lot of causes.. from just having a weak uterus, to taking medicines etc that ur not supposed to take during pregnancy.
Two negative pregnancy tests, what I think is a period, could I still be pregnant?
Q: Im 15 and had unprotected sex 5 times at the peak of my fertility (in between periods. I didn't know this at the time and wasn't TRYING to get pregnant). I went in to my school nurse and took a pregnancy test, negative. After a month I started getting symptoms. Sore breasts that are growing rapidly, upset stomach, morning sickness, nausea all the time, fatigue. I just feel pregnant, too, like it isn't about me anymore and I have a responsibility. I'm very irritable all the time.My period was supposed to come the 16th, but instead I started bleeding heavily on the night of the 21st (yesterday). Today at school I took another test, negative. The nurse gave me birth control patches but I'm not using them yet in fear of me still being pregnant (I wont have sex either).Ive googled and read multiple stories about women having their periods four months into pregnancies, and even negative hpt's all the way through. I've also read about chemical pregnancies and very early miscarriage- what I think could've happened.Can you give me some help as to what could be happening?
A: if your really concerned and live in the us go to a planned parenthood have a blood test done and yea people bleed i bleed on and off for the fist 9 weeks constantly bleeding but i knew you don't think you know you dont guess symptoms you KNOW i had 7 negative test over the weeks and by week 9 1/2 i finally got one positive i got pregnant an entire month before i took the first test which was plenty of time for it to read, so you never know, but it can cause problems if you worry to much about it if you were to start taking your patches it would make you stop bleeding and not bleed until you took them off so i mean really its not a big deal it will not kill or harm your baby an anyway... birth control is meant to prevent pregnancy not stop it.... just stop stressing you seem like your ready for whatever result you get and it sounds like you know what is going down...i was a teen mom myself im 21 now will my bouncy 3 year old so i know its tough i was 17 when i got pregnant and im just getting back to college which sucks, but anyone can make it my email is kay.miller1988@gmail.com email me if you need help or inspirational things to get through it..

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