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Can tanning beds cause a miscarriage

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A:Tanning beds can decrease a woman's fertility and cause a miscarriage. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-tanning-beds-cause-a-miscarriage ]
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Will laying in a tanning bed cause a miscarriage
Although it has not been medically proven, there are increased for pregnant women and their unborn child. These risks may include a miscarriage or spinal problems in an unborn child whose mother tans. Over heating is also a risk.

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When pregnant,can tanning cause a miscarriage if using a tanning bed to do it?
A: One- Tanning raises your body temp, which is already elevated due to pregnancyTwo- You are not only exposing you and your unborn to UV rays but also radiation...Three- It won't cause a miscarriage, but could cause other problems later in the baby's life.Sure, you won't cook the baby - but no one can accurately tell you what that exposure could do to the baby. Best bet is stay away. A girl who is a friend of a friend tanned all during her pregnancy and the baby came out fine, but she isn't talking when she should have been months ago... Funny thing is the mom said, look she is fine. Guess she spoke too soon.P.S. NO tanning place in their right mind should let you in. Since you could sue if anything ever happened. Or they will have you sign a wavier (like the other girl did when she made a scene).Listen to your doctor and do not do it.
can you really boil your baby?
Q: i really find this hard to believe. i have never heard of anyone having a miscarriage where the baby was cooked. if i lay out in the sun or take a bath could my insides really get hot enough to cause birth defects? i'm very skeptical about this. i do understand how sitting in a hot tub or laying in a tanning bed can easily overheat your body and i even though im still a little skeptical about how sitting in a tanning bed for ten minutes can really cause that much harm i would rather not risk it. laying out in the sun next to the pool or taking a bath just doesnt seem like that big of a deal to me. does anyone have any real proof that this is harmful?
A: The study already mentioned re. hot tubs and miscarriage isn't the most conclusive. For one, it doesn't show in any way that the miscarriages were caused by the hot tub use. Ask yourself what else people often do in hot tubs, and...Cross that with the rubbish, anti-science "What to Expect When You're Expecting," and you get widespread BS panic claiming you can't have a hot bath.To be fair, there's long been an association between mum having a fever and babies having birth defects. You'd have to be pretty sick, though -- it's not as though there's ever been an actual association between hot baths and birth defects, just major illnesses involving prolonged fevers. Thus: theoretical risk, thus: all pregnant women should only bathe briefly in water just cool enough to make them itchy, not comfortable. Bullsh:t.I got curious about (1) how hot my baths actually were, and (2) just how much a normal hot bath actually raises your temperature.Conclusions: (1) the bath temps recommended by modern-day old wives are pretty much lukewarm. It's not realistic to bathe in something the temperature of a swimming pool. Given that the overwhelming majority of pregnant women throughout history have had hot baths and nobody's ever worried about it before, you probably shouldn't.(2) you can soak in a nice _hot_ bath for fifteen minutes and not nudge your temperature up more than half a degree (F).Really -- get a thermometer, try it, and put your mind at ease.The tanning thing strikes me as equally silly; again, it would've long ago been apparent if being in the sun causes problems. Only in America, I think, could such a foolish idea take root. Where do people think millions of pregnant women have spent millions of hours? Yeah -- outdoors. Get your vitamin D!http://scholar.google.com/ is great for separating myth from fact with stuff like this. If you don't believe me (and given that this is Yahoo! Answers, I don't have a lot of credibility, but hopefully more than the people saying "Yeah! Very dangerous! I read it in the same book that also says oral sex can kill you, so it must be true!").

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