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Can not eating cause a miscarriage

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A:Most common cause of miscarriage in 1st trimester is chromosomal abnormality. Not eating is not listed as a cause. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-not-eating-cause-a-miscarriage ]
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Can not eating cause miscarriage?
Most likely will you pass out before that happens. The fetus can get hurt but for to miscarriage that way you will most likely be taken to a hospital first. If this is a question about how to abort, and you're not the first one asking this ...
Are there foods you can eat that would cause a miscarriage??
So its OBVIOUS that person who commented/answered before me has a problem with abortion. Our body, our rights. Who cares about YOUR beliefs, don't let that type of stuff infringe on other people searching for honest help. Thanks. On to the ...
Will not eating for like 2- 3 days cause a miscarriage??
Probably not. The baby would take the nutrients from you and you would be sick and weak long before the baby. Take a test and see a doctor to review your options if you are pregnant. You cannot cause a miscarriage without risking serious ha...

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I havent eaten in 2 days and im 10 weeks pregnant can not eating cause me to have a miscarriage?
A: You need to eat.Why haven't you eaten in 2 days?You need to talk to a doctor and you need to eat nutritiously.And do a little research about pregnancy.http://www.babycenter.com
Can eating something you are allergic to cause miscarriage?
Q: I'm pregnant and I ate something I was allergic to, not purposely, my boyfriend didn't know I was allergic to it and it looked like a Tangerine. Its a mandarin orange that I ate, the whole thing. I break out in hives and what not. So yeah, can it cause a miscarriage?
A: no i doubt it, if your worried call your doctor but i am sure you are fine
can this cause a miscarriage?
Q: malnutrition? like, from not eating? can it cause a miscarriage very early in pregnancy? what are the chances that it could happen??
A: Yes, I miscarried at 12 weeks because I was not eating.

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