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Can fighting lead to a miscarriage

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A:It depends on if it was a physical fight. It usually takes quite a bit of stress and over a period of time to cause a miscarriage. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-fighting-lead-to-a-miscarriage ]
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Can fighting lead to a miscarriage
It depends on if it was a physical fight. It usually takes quite a bit of stress and over a period of time to cause a miscarriage.

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can i get emancipated?
Q: I am 15 and pregnant. I live in Georgia and i want to get emancipated from my mom. She argues with me all them time and some people say that the way we argue and fight can lead to a miscarriage. I can move in with my boyfriend and he can support me but my mom wont let me. He has a job and a house and can give me everything that i need. I am scared that if i dont get out now that it will put my baby in danger. what should I do?? please help if you can!!!
A: Here's the thing about emancipation.First - it isn't designed for teens who don't like their parents and want to move in with their boyfriend's. It is for minors who are ALREADY financially independent. To become emancipated you have to already have a job, had a place you pay rent on (not staying with the boyfriend), have medical insurance and have taken on the responsibility of adulthood. It is not meant for you to move from your parent's oversight to the state's (ie. no welfare, no medicaid)Second - the fact that you are pregnant reduces your chance to almost nil. Solely for the fact that having a child makes financially indenpendence that much more difficult. Lastly - you are in Georgia. While Georgia does have an emancipation law (see below if you fulfill the requirements), it has not granted a single request since 2005 which is when the loopholes were tightened. In 2005 - there were 10,000 emancipation requests, 12 were granted. There have been ZERO since then. You need to stop fighting with your mother - although pregnant you are still a child. And believe me, people have been arguing throughout history while a woman is pregnant - it isn't really abig deal unless it is physical.
I just got in a fight with my bf. I made a lot of force, can this lead to a miscarriage?
Q: it was a fist fight, he didnt hit me, i hit him and i made a lot of force and lost my breath and there was a lot of crying in my part. Stupid yes. Can this cause a miscarriage?well if youve been pregnant before you would know that sometimes your hormones can get out of whack. Either way i know it was stupid, just wanted to know if there is a posibility that i might lose my baby, not to be preached at. thanks
A: Why would you hit him? First off your pregnant, what were you thinking?? This was very immature on your part and not a good start to becoming a mother. Smarten up! If you feel that you need medical attention go to the ER.
Had a miscarriage. Now what?
Q: I'm 20 years old and found out that I was pregnant, it was unplanned, just when I was starting to wrap my head around the whole thing I had a miscarriage. Now I can't get it out of my head. All I want is to have baby. Every month I think "oh I'm ovulating" and then when my period comes I get so upset like I was expecting to be pregnant again. We have been using condoms and haven't had sex that much since, so I know I wouldn't be, it's just wishful thinking. The big problem is that my boyfriend already has a daughter and I feel like it's being shoved in my face every other weekend, She is real clingy with me. I have mentioned it to my boyfriend but he always says that one day we will have a family, just not right now. Some weekends it just leads to a huge fight. I see the logic in it but my emotions are just to strong about this to just brush away. What can I do to keep my sanity?
A: I honestly have no words that i think can help or even slightly make a difference, sorry. I know that miscarrying is one of the hardest things to go through emotionally and you have to remember its NOT your fault, and its ok feel jealousy. My advice would be to not shut your self off from others especially your partner, it may be hard to talk about but talking about it with someone and knowing you have support makes things a little easier to handle. Your still young and have plenty of time to have a family, for now you need to let your body heal. Best wishes.

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