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Are blood clots involved in a miscarriage

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A:Yes, there can be blood and blood clots during a miscarriage. If you have these symptoms, please seek medical attention quickly. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/are-blood-clots-involved-in-a-miscarriage ]
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Are blood clots involved in a miscarriage
Yes, there can be blood and blood clots during a miscarriage. If you have these symptoms, please seek medical attention quickly.
Is a blood clot a sign of miscarriage?
On One Hand: It May Signal A Miscarriage Passing bloods clots or other types of organic tissue, especially in the early weeks of pregnancy, may signal that the baby is in trouble and that womb has begun to slough off tissue. This may be acc...
What do blood clots in a miscarriage look like?
I had a miscarrage and a d and c. I have been having blot clots. They look like chunks of dark jelly or chunks of liver. I was 8wks

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I know this might be a stupid question, But, could I have had a miscarriage and not even known it? warning:TMI
Q: I was just reading over some other questions involving miscarriage and it got me thinking if my very heavy bleeding last month could have been a miscarriage. Do you have to get a BFP first? Or does it not matter if you took a HPT or not? (because I didn't take a HPT) I have been starting my attempt to conceive #2. It took almost 2 years to get pregnant with my first. Please tell me your thoughts. I'm sorry in advance if there is TMI!!Well, I was a day and 1/2 late for AF, when it came it was a very light brownish color for about 2 days, then all of a sudden out of nowhere when I went to the bathroom in the afternoon it was full force/very heavy bleeding with alot of blood clots. There were blood clots on the toliet paper when I wiped as well as in the toliet. And that lasted for about 3-4 days. I didn't have any cramping or pain. That's not the norm. period for me. Please tell me your honest thoughts. Thanks and again I'm sorry for the "interesting" detailed description.I just want to thank everyone for their kind and informative and helpful answers. It's amazing that people you don't even know can make you feel better. You are all so kind and caring. For all you TTC here's lots and lots of~~~~~~~~~~Baby Dust~~~~~~~~~~
A: Yes, this could be early miscarriage.Early miscarriages are very common. It's just that most people don't test early enough to notice them.One of my miscarriages was so early that I only got one positive pregnancy test (and I tested every morning). The period started about a day late. -- If I wasn't testing, I wouldn't know.Another time, I had 3 positive in a row, and the 4th day it was negative. I immediately went to the doctor, and they first gave me another urine test (negative) and then blod test, which came out positive, but very low. I started bleeding the next day, which was 2 or 3 days late.
Should I see a doctor? Could I be having a miscarriage?
Q: Hi, I am so confused and don't know if I show get checked or not. I don't want to go to the doctor's unless I really have to. My first day of my last normal cycle was April 1st, 2008. I was late getting my period, so I assume I was pregnant. Did not take a pregnancy test. Then on May 11th, I all of a sudden had huge blood clots, the size of a silver dollars. All day I had them, then I woke up the next morning with no bleeding. For three days I didn't bleed, then I started to bleed only when I urinated. The bleeding is still going on. Last night I was involved in a car accident and all of a sudden now I am bleeding heavily again with blood clots. Does it sound like a miscarriage to you? Or a really werid period? Thank you an advance for your help
A: um i dont know if you are pregnant i actually had really big and bad blood clots one time and they eventually went away um they told me it was an odd period...but if you think you are pregnant you need to see a doctor either way go see one to make sure you are ok and nothing is seriously wrong
Is it normal to feel horrible and like a murderer if...? *WARNING: FEMALE STUFF INVOLVED!*?
Q: I've been on BCPs (Birth Control Pills) for a while now, and I noticed my flow would get worse than it already during that time of the month for me, if I had -- before that period -- lay with my fiance. It was also painful.I stopped the BCPs for a while, and then started them back up, I got my period the next day, and it happened again, except my blood was black. When I got off them 12 days later, I flooded red blood again and it was clotty, as it had been in the aforementioned times, but worse.When I went to my OBGYN and explained to him that it had been happening, and what had been happening, he calmly, politely, and kindly explained to me that what was happening was my body was overriding the pills and I was having miscarriages, hence the huge ugly clots and really painful cramps.When it came to my realization I've had at least 10 miscarriages, and then one recently, all because I was on BCPs, I felt horrible and like a murderer.Is it normal to feel that way?For those curious of the details...I'm under 21.The pills are Loestrin 24 Fe.I've been bleeding since September 2nd.
A: well its not out of the ordinary to feel bad... but know this... birth control pill should be renamed "chemical abortion" all they do is make it impossible for you to remain pregnant.... (impossible for the embryo to implant itself)http://www.vitalsignsministries.org/vsmthepill.html*you can read it here... #3 under the pill.....all will be okay....

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