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After a miscarriage should you go to the doctor

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A:Yes, you should see a doctor after a miscarriage. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/after-a-miscarriage-should-you-go-to-the-doctor ]
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Should i go to the doctor after my miscarriage.i had it 2weeks ag...?
Yes. They need to examine you and make sure you passed everything.
Why should you go to a doctor after a miscarriage
What you should do if you are miscarrying: Ring your doctor or local hospital and describe your symptoms. Ask any questions MORE?

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pregnant again after miscarriage, so when should i go to a doctor?
Q: I had a miscarriage in october - i was 7 weeks along. I'm pregnant again, and I havent told my husband, and i dont want to go to the doctor either, because i'm afraid there will be no point as i might have a miscarriage again. Last time I miscarried a week after going to the doctor. Is it really important to go the doctor now that i'm pregnant again? - the way i see it, is that they dont do anything for you until youre 10 weeks along anyway, so what's the point? Also, i don't think they give any kind of special treatment to women who have miscarried before, so i could wait until i'm further along?Also, I don't feel pregnant either - i feel strongly that something will go wrong again like last time, because I'm 4 weeks along and I dont have any nausea or major tiredness, and I'm not feeling anything putting pressure on my bladder eitherI'm in the UK, btw, so here you have an initial appointment with the doctor (where they dont give you a physical examination or anything - just a discussion), and then you are seen properly by a midwife at 10 weeks (physically). So if i go to the doctor now - he/she will not be able to do anything for me, except give me my pregnancy folder and tell me to get lost until 10weeks.
A: I live in the UK too, i had a miscarriage in september and 6 weeks later i found out i was pregnant again. I too felt something might go wrong and was going to wait a few more weeks but when i was 5 weeks i told myself i had to go so I did and my doctor done another pregnancy test and then referred me to a midwife and sent me for a dating scan the following week as i got pregnant straight after the miscarriage no period in between so dating the pregnancy was kinda tricky. They wont give you special treatment but if you didnt have a period after your miscarriage and you conceived straight after you will get a scan for dating purposes and it was such a relief for me as i got to see my baby, its heartbeat and i was given a due date. Since the start my symptoms have been very minimal and i always thought something might go wrong i had spotting numerous times over 3 weeks and i constantly worry. Well today I am 14 weeks 5 days and everything is fine, I had the 12 week scan 2 weeks ago and things were great. I understand where you're coming from and i guess it wouldnt do any harm if you wait a bit longer before you go but make sure you do by at least 7-8 weeks and dont stress about it the symptoms stuff is different for all women ...good luck and i hope it turns out ok x
I need help with my abortion question?
Q: I am 19 weeks pregnant I am 21 years old now I have been pregnant twice before the first time everything was going great and then right at 8 months I lost my daughter for no reason at all she just up and lost her heartbeat in my stomach, the second time was six months after that while using birth control and I had a miscarriage at I think they said I was supposed to be around nine weeks but instead the ultrasounds kept showing that I was like 4 weeks so needless to say I knew I was going to have a miscarriage before I had the miscarriage and my doctor did nothing to save it... now I want an abortion because 1st I don't have the stable means to raise my baby like I would want too and before you go saying that I should have used b.c. I did. 2nd I am so worried about getting to that 8th month mark and then going through the same stuff because I have thyroid problems that could also lead to miscarriage and things like that. Now I don't really have money for this procedure and the National Abortion Federation won't pick up their phones. So what can I do?And like I said you don't know my situation much so I don't want lectures please. I am against abortion for the people who do it for the wrong reasons but in my case I am for it. also I am 21 yrs old and it is my choice I am seeking help from people who understand. Another thing I believe everyone has their opinions and they are def. entitled too it and I will listen all day and not argue and I hope that people would respect my decision as well.
A: It can be hard to find a doctor or health care provider who will perform an abortion past the first trimester, but these doctors ARE out there. My best advice is to just keep calling The National Abortion Federation at 1-877-257-0012 until they pick up their phones, or call the Abortion Hotline at 1-800-772-9100. Or just call or visit your local Planned Parenthood health care center. Chances are, the doctors and counselors at your local Planned Parenthood can direct you to a local doctor or health care provider that typically performs second trimester abortions. The staff at Planned Parenthood are very kind, helpful, non-judgmental people; they will definitely help you get the services you need. They can probably also help you out financially if you just tell them that you don't currently have the money for the abortion. They can probably find a doctor that will set up a payment plan for you, or they can see if you are eligible for state or regional financial assistance. I'm sure they'll be able to help you out somehow if you just go to Planned Parenthood and explain your situation. It's their job at Planned Parenthood to help women get the health services they need.To find the Planned Parenthood location nearest you, just go here:http://www.plannedparenthood.org/health-center/index.htmKeep in mind that abortions generally aren't performed past 24 weeks in the USA except for serious health reasons. Since you only have about 5 weeks left to get this abortion, you better act fast. Call or visit your local Planned Parenthood ASAP.And just ignore the people on here who make nasty comments or judge you; they don't know your situation and they have absolutely NO RIGHT to judge you or tell you what to do with your own body. The only person who can decide what to do about your pregnancy is YOU. Your body, your choice. Just ignore the ignorant pro-life morons; they have no right to judge you or lecture you or anything like that.Hope that helped. Best of luck with everything.
How long after a miscarriage should a pregnancy test come up negative?
Q: Ok, about 2 weeks ago I had a miscarriage and when I went to the doctor they took no test, and just said it sounded like a miscarriage. And was instructed to take a pregnancy test weekly. I took my first one tonight and it still came up pregnant. Is this normal? How long should it take to come up negative. Please help.. Thank you!
A: So wait the doctor said it sounded like you had a miscarriage, they didnt know for sure? Get an ultrasound to make sure. I believe it takes around 2 weeks for a pregnancy test to come up negative after a miscarriage. My sister in law got pregnant again 4 weeks after she had a miscarriage, so you have to be able to ovulate again around the 2 or 3 week mark... i hope ive helped

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