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Why does your face get greasy

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Causes of oily skin are heredity, diet, hormone levels, pregnancy, birth control pills or cosmetics you use. Have a great day!! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-does-your-face-get-greasy ]
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How do i get rid of a greasy face
it may be greasy because you wash your face 3 times a day. washing so often strips your face of its natural oils, so the skin freaks out and starts making a bunch more oil to compensate. biore oil strips or whatever they're called can work,...
Why does my face get greasy?
You probably just ave oily skin, it's when your pores produce too much sebum (the oil that helps keep your protects your skin and keep it moisturised). Anyway all you need to do is find a cleanser that works for your skin, try one that abso...
How do I get rid of my "greasy face"?
Well I'm 19 so have just about finished with the 'teenage skin' thing lol. I found that my skin was like yours, really oily by midday and didn't get loads of spots but when I did they were really obvious. Could be caused by hormone changes ...

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why does my face look greasy in morning?
Q: also, i have grease on some of the roots in my hair. how do i get rid of greasy face and greasy hair?
A: Hey sweetie. Not to fret. This is a very common problem. "Why" depends on many factors. I will assume you are prone to oily hair & skin. That being the case, you could be over-scrubbing your skin & scalp, &/or using too harsh a product, and it's stripping your skin & scalp of it's natural oils. If this is so... Be Gentle! Over-stimulating the skin & scalp, or stripping it can/will cause your body to naturally over-produce more oils to replace what it's lost. Also, use warm, not hot water. It has the same negative effect on your skin.Try PH balanced products. They are gentler on the skin & scalp. Don't brush your hair excessively either, it also stimulates the skin to produce oils and then spreads it down the hair to the ends. It may also help to replace your pillow cases more frequently too. I know for certain that Redken has very gentle cleansers specifically for oily hair. But it is pricey and only available at salons.
What does it mean when your face is greasy?Does it cause brake-outs?
Q: Like one week ago i didn't take a shower for like 3 days and on the 3rd day my face was greasy. What does grease do? Does it cause breakouts?
A: yep, it clogs your pores
Why does my face always feel so greasy when it gets humid out?
Q: Lately it's been pretty humid outside, and even when I'm inside my face just feels SO greasy. It's really annoying/gross, I have to constantly wash up or I'll feel like someones rubbed bacon all over my face!Is there anything I can do for stop this feeling, and why is this happening? =(
A: Lucky for you. I get this all year round, even in Winter.Its just your sweat glands producing more oil in your face, to compensate for the humid weather which could dry out your skin. You just need to make sure you use a good face wash twice a day (day and night). When it does become oily, splash your face with hot water and pat dry. Also buy a shine free moisturizer, specially for oily skin and apply this whenever your face is oily, it should soak up the oil and leave your skin feeling more fresh.

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