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Why do most asian people paint nails

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It is because most Asian salons are in a high demand area, like strip malls and street corners. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-do-most-asian-people-paint-nails ]
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Why do Asian people always open nail salons?
I've come up with 6 reasons.・ 1. Entrepreneurial spirit is stronger in Asia than here, so they have a stronger desire to own their ... ・ 2. Little English is required. All they really need to understand is length of nails wanted and color...
Why are most nail salons operated by asian people?
I don't think it's necessarily racist, a lot of people have made this observation. Obviously I've never gotten my nails done so I couldn't tell you, but hey at least you didn't use the term Orientals! lol Though from what I've heard it's us...
Why do Asian people in San Francisco clip their nails on the bus??
I'm Chinese from Hong Kong yet we never do that in public. I think it's a cultural thing (considering HK was once a British colony). I went to some rural parts of China in 2006, where the public restrooms had no cubicle doors at all and str...

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How come Asian girls only paint their big toe nails and not the other ones?
Q: It looks great and all but just out of curiosity why do you girls do it?Please no racism in here.
A: For buddha it seems
I play the guitar, but also want to paint my nails?
Q: I play the guitar, and have to keep my nails short. What colors would look good on short nails (and look good with a beige acoustic guitar)?I'm part Asian so I have tan-ish skin.Also, the strings tend to wear the polish off pretty quick, would a top coat help?
A: I would go with a bright colour like red, but nothing too wild like lime green or anything. It all depends on what colours you tend to wear a lot. If you are fine with wearing pink, get a pink polish (light or bright depending which looks better). Apply that rule for all colours that you wear. The guitar is brown, I wouldn't worry about clashing with it, it's a pretty neutral colour.If you get a really good top coat and apply two coats of it, that should stay on for a bit longer. Sally Hansen polish is really good for shine, damage control, and lasting long.
Why is it when people are left isolated they get weird?
Q: Like ever since my gf left me I haven't gone on a date for 1 year and only been in my room almost everyday for 9 months. All i did was watch movies and random videos on youtube. in that time i started questioning my sexuality which is weird because when I aint alone and am around friends and i see a hot girl it's like im a dog... and I can't keep my eyes off them. also i saw this cool anime character and some characters on some asian drama i watched painted their nails black..now all of a sudden I have this huge urge to do that but when I'm outside in the real world, i like how I am. Why is this isolation making me weird?also i got into transvestite porn but when i saw a real tranny, i didn't like it at all
A: What you're describing is depression, plain and simple. Depression causes the initial isolation, and the isolation in turn contributes to depression; it's a vicious cycle. I recommend contacting your doctor to be evaluated for depression, and finding out what you can do about it.Good luck!

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