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Why cant i grow a moustache

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To grow a mustache or not to grow a mustache is the question young men ask when they see their upper-lip peach fuzz. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/why-cant-i-grow-a-moustache ]
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Why cant i grow beard or Moustache hair properly.?
Is your father hairy or not? That will explain alot. It's all in the genes not that it matters you will soon get sick of shaving but at 20 you still haven't fully developed so just stay calm and let time takes it pleasure with giving you w...

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im 28 yrs old and have no real facial hair, cant grow a moustache or goatee. ?
Q: i only need to shave 3-4 times a week. even then its onyl peach fuzz. i look like im 15 and dont know why i cant grow any actual facial hair.and when i do shave its only my sideburns, between my lip and nose, and on my chin. does anyone know why i cant grow facial hair or what i can do to grow facial hair?
A: okay 1. myth that shaving increases the amount of facial hair growth (in order for this to be true you would actually need to take chunks of your skin off)2. genetics plays a main role3. age plays a secondary rolepeople of indian decent (as in india not american indian), irish decent, italian decent are known to grow facial hair with no problem because of their genetics, but when you compare them to genetics of chinese,japanese and people from certain south american countries they barely have any hair to begin with.so im afraid it is actually your genetics. now if you feel bad trust me you do not realize how much it is a hassle in the morning to shave a full beard that grows every day.
why cant the navy grow moustaches?
A: They got rid of them in the late 80's because of their gas masks. The mask does not give a good seal with a moustche. Sad to report.
can grow a beard but no moustache?
Q: im 18 almost 19 now and ive had facial hair since i was 15 but my moustache is still the sorta thing you see on a 15yr old. There's barely any hair and its light colored. my beard and sideburns are quite dark and thick but why cant i grow a moustache i cant even grow the hair on the sides of your lips that join up to the moustache to make it a goatee. any ideas why ths is?my dad can grow a beard/moustache and its not the fact tht i want a moustache its just annoyin tht whn i dont shave for a week or 2 i have this big beard but no moustache or even a goatee
A: it's an age/genetics thing.you'll probably get that moustache in another year or two. My face was about the opposite: I could grow a great stache, but no beard on my cheeks or chin. It wasn't until I turned about 20 or 21 that things evened out all over.

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