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What works better Nair or Veet

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Veet seems to be better than Nair. It comes with an applicator to remove the hair; loosens hair quicker; and doesn't smell as bad. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-works-better-nair-or-veet ]
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What works better nair or veet?
ur 12? isnt that a bit 2early? well veet worked better for me, and prolly about 3-4 days till u have to use it again
Which works better VEET or Nair?
Hi there, I would really really urge you to go in for waxing, the chemicals in hair removing creams are very likely to make your skin dark over a period of time, and the darkness is very difficult to get rid of. Also, some facts to keep in ...
Does nair work better than veet?
nair burns my skin and veet smells like a bad perm. But I think Veet works better by a long shot. It removes the roots of hair too I think. I can go without shaving for like a week and a half using veet. Just makes sure if you use either yo...

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Which works better Nair or Veet?
Q: Which works better nair or veet? And are there any tricks could I use to make it work better? Please help?!?!I have been using veet and have found that even if i leave it on longer then they say it does not work right. But it does take off a little.
A: nair does NOT work at all
What works better: NAIR or VEET? And what is the best kind?
Q: I've used Veet before.. but I left it on for the maximum 6 minutes and it only removed about half of the hair on my legs and they definitely weren't smooth. What hair removal cream/spray (be specific) is strong and will leave my legs S-M-O-O-T-H smooth?!Thanks for your help!P.S. Please don't lecture me on how it burns your skin or the stink, I have a high pain threshold and I think a little stink is worth it for smooth legs
A: nair probably works better i just like veet because it doesnt burn and smell as bad but nair stinks and kind of burns u should get an epilator though i hear those are the best way to shave your legs and keep it smoother for longer :D
Which works better veet or nair??
Q: i don't know which one is better nair smells gross but i haven't had a chance to try veet so help me out??!!veet nair or shaving but i'd prefer if u guys choose veet or nair but whatever woksand which is cheaper??
A: i use veet, it smells nice and works great, plus it dont burn

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