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What is the best straightner for your hair

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The Chi Iron has been a top seller since it came out in the early 90's. It doesn't melt your hair & comes with a 1 yr warranty. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-straightner-for-your-hair ]
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What is the best hair straightner ?
The CHI straightener is defiantly best. It comes in 2 different sizes depending on the thickness of your hair and it has 3 heats as well. It also warms up very fast and has the clay on either side of the paddle, which is better for your hai...
What is the best type of hair straightner and/or flat iron??
I'm an absolute fanatic of straighteners and when it comes to ironers, money is everything. If you want a straightener that does the job and you want excellent results above everything else, then you should be aiming for one between $200-$3...
What hair straightner is best?
This question will be answered based off of personal opinions no matter what. Only you know which one may be best for you. It will be easier to choose, of course, once you have a few good ideas and do some research. Just be sure to pick one...

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What is the best hair straightner that is simple to use and leaves your hair wonderful?
Q: I'm looking for a hair straightner and I was wondering which one is the best one. I have wavy and thick hair. I need something that'll make it nice and straight. I don't want those ones that last for like 2 days though. Lol but seriously. So can you guys help me choose one? Thanks!
A: Almost all hairdressers use GHD straighteners because they believe they are the best at getting your hair straight and smooth, as well as the fact they cause a little bit less damage to your hair because they use ceramic plates.You say your hair is thick, GHDs are very good at smoothng your hair so it wont look boofy after it is straightened. The GHD IV salon styler is best for this.They are a bit expensive so if you cannot afford one you should try and find another straightener that has ceramic plated not titanium ones.Also if you are buying/looking for straighteners in hair stores ask the sales assistants for advice on which would suit your hair.goodluck :)
What is the best hair straightner to get your hair perfectly straight?
Q: My hair is thick and curly what is the best straightner to get it completley straight?
A: I suggest to buy a sedu hair straightener it work wonderful to straighten your hair leaving pin straight also is not that expensive.
What is the best way to recover your hair after using a hair straightner? I've dyed my hair & it got stripped
Q: .....it stripped the color I have one of the top of the line hair straighners Curioliss and I have a problem because my hair will never get straight without me using the straightner like everyday. I need to know like a really really good product to help me out. I've been looking a some cremes/leave in conditioners that straighten but I'm kind of skeptical because I know all of them can't work that well. My hair is so dry from me bleaching it and then dying it, the color is stripped out it's getting dull. I need some help I want my hair to look healthy. If there are any products out there that can really help me without being a bundle of money that would be great. I just want straight hair without out my hair looking dull and damaged.
A: You should try the S Factor line from Bed Head. They have a full line of styling products for straightening hair with flat iron as well as leave in and deep conditioners.

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