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What is the best shampoo and conditioner to use to grow long healthy hair

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Mane & Tail hair care line is great for your hair. It helps the hair to be stronger. I personally use the ION line from Sally's. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-the-best-shampoo-and-conditioner-to-use-to-grow-long-healthy-hair ]
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What is the best shampoo/ conditioner for healthy hair? (For the ...?
Have you ever heard of the term, "squeaky clean"? You can get squeaky clean hair using the Ph balanced shampoo put out by Dr Bronner. It makes your hair really really clean and brings out the shine. I buy it at a local supplement...
What is the best shampoo/conditioner for long hair and to keep it...?
A professional hair dresser told me to use Aussie moisture and the Aussie moisture conditioner and if it's really bad add some fructis garnier leave in conditioner. Aussie has the least alcohol content on the market and the alcohol in other...
Which Shampoo/Conditioner Is Better For Growing My Hair Longer,So...?
It depends on what you are specifically looking for. Garnier Fructise Length and Strength: a very good shampoo for keeping your hair in good condition to grow, if you already have well-maintained hair. This does not significantly help dam...

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What is a good shampoo & conditioner to use to make you hair grow long and healthy?
Q: I have been using main an tail for about two months an see no signs of growing or it getting healthy whats a really good shampoo & conditioner that will work fast an well.....I need to know really bad because i was in a car wreck an got scalped an the right side of my head so im trying to grow it back out
A: Pantene Beautiful lenghts.
I'm growing out my hair long, which is the best shampoo/conditioner to treat my curls to grow long and healthy
Q: I'm using Pantene right now, any other tips? Maybe a curling shampoo would be good, so the curls are strengthening at the same time of the growth?Hairs just alittle more below my shoulders. How long will it take? Probably three years to my waist?
A: Pantene!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Which shampoo and conditioner works best when you want to grow your hair long?
Q: My hair is at shoulder length right now, but I would like to grow it longer. Do you know what shampoo and conditioner works best to keep your hair healthy so it will grow longer?
A: I would say stay away from the shampoos as they are chemical based and use a natural oil like Mira hair oil, it will make hair grow fasterOther ways to increase hair growth areTake hair vitamins like Biotin, Vitamin C, b And DTake selium and silica to grow hair fasterEat lots of fresh green vegetables and fruitsYou need a low fat source of protein like egg whites and fishTake some amino acid pills, hair is protein and you need lots of it if you want to know what makes hair growYour best bet to grow black hair is to use Mira hair oil, I can’t stress this enough, it will make your hair grow faster

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