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What is good lotion for your face

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Skin care should be designed to fit your type of skin.Determine your kind of skin and then decide which product you should use. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-good-lotion-for-your-face ]
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What Is the Best Face Lotion?
The best face lotion is Sothys thirsting mask, but piercing a vitamin E capsule and applying it directly to the face is a great way to moisturize the skin overnight. Use Read More
Is this lotion good for face?
When picking products for your skin its best to avoid mineral oil, lanolin, artificial fragrances and colours and s.d. alcohol, as long as it doesn't contain any of the ingredients it should be fine to use on your skin.
What is a good face lotion?
I use neutrogena oil-free face moisturizer for sensitive skin. It's really light and dosent leave your face looking oily or heavy feeling. Its about 7 bucks at walmart and last a long time. You should give it a try!

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What are some good face wash's and lotions for dry skin?
Q: My face is super dry,its annoying.Are there any good face wash's or lotions out there to help this?
A: I'd think any exfoliating lotion would do--just pick one you like, and slap it on. Actually, I'd rise my face, pat it dry, THEN put on the lotion before bed and right when you wake up for the best results.I wouldn't recommend anything scented, though, becuase most usually they're really harsh and having the same smell stuck up your nose is kind of annoying.I use AMLACTIN but it says on the label that irration may occur...however, I have extremely sensitive skin (can't use any cremes or makeup) and it's helped me quite a bit.You can try it if you like.Hope it helps!
I'm looking for a good lotion for your face to cause pimples?
Q: I am a 21 year male have a few pimples. I'm trying to cut down on them. I wash my face in the morning and evening when I go to bed with a clean and clear product that has no oil in it. I used to use soap but it just dried up my face too much. So after I wash my face , I am asking should I put a lotion on my face to moistureize it, or just leave it alone. My face just feels dry all the time for my whole day. Whats a good product to put on you face that won't make you break out?
A: I agree with the other guy. Proactiv. If that doesn't work, try the ladies counter at the mall of any department store to see what kind of moisturizer they have, and if that still doesn't work, you could try clinical trials and get paid to have your acne removed. And if none of that sounds good, see a derm doctor.
Is lotion good for your face?
Q: My face has been drying out alot. I have been showering morning and evening and everytime I get out of the shower, my face is totally dry and flacky, I was wondering if putting lotion on my face is good or not?
A: if you don't use the right kind of lotion, it can clog your pores, irritate your skin, etc. your shower water may be too hot. i have weird problems with my skin too sometimes, and i discovered that it really is important WHICH face wash, lotion, etc. you choose at the store - depending on your skin type. There's a new online tool at Prevention.com (put out by Prevention Magazine) that will ask you a bunch of questions and then tell you:1) what your skin type is2) what in-store products will best fix your skini put a link to it in my blog:http://buzz.prevention.com/community/cplatt/saving-my-skinlet us know if it works!

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