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What is a unibrow

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The definition of a "Unibrow" is, a single continuous brow resulting from the growing together of eyebrows. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-is-a-unibrow ]
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What is UniBrow?
unibrows are basically when your eyebrows are connected together by hair in the middle. uni- means one. so its like saying "one brow" if that makes any sense. its actuallyy kinda funny looking XD
How do I get rid of my unibrow?
all i do is take tweezers and pluck them. shaveing them is bad because they will only come back worse and thicker. plucking them may take time and i stings a little but it works every time. or you can use money and get them waxed. i preffer...
What does unibrow mean?
A single eyebrow, linked by hair over the nose between what in most people are two separate eyebrows.

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Q: i have a unibrow! (im a girl) anyway do you have any tips on the best way to thread it. i already know how to thread but have never done eyebrows b4thanx!!!
A: First, I would go get it professionally done, ask questions, and then after that follow the guidelines already provided. :]
How can I keep a unibrow from growing back so fast?
Q: I'm a 20 year old guy and I have very bushy eyebrows so I have to pluck like every week to keep from getting noticeable unibrow hair. I use tweezers to pluck, but it still grows back so fast (like a week). Is there anything else I can do that would be better. It get's really annoying having to pluck them all the time.
A: well your a guy and it is great that you care how your eyebrows look - most guys don't. If you have dark color hair you can have laser done and after so many treatments (I think six) then it will never grow back. If you have blonde hair it will not work for you. Any strip mall nail place will wax your eyebrows (which means only waxing the part you want to get rid of) and they will trim the eyebrow so long hairs are not growing out of them for about $12.00. They take you into a back room so no one is watching you get this done. The hardest part is asking for the first time when you walk in. After they know you - and you like what they do no problem. Go back about once a month at first - then you judge - cause the hair growing back becomes less and less.This is one of the cheapest solutions. Waxing at home is not worth it. For $12.00 you get it done right, and completely, and fast - about five minutes. At home it takes forever and the kit is 8.00.
How to remove a unibrow and keep it from not growing back?
Q: how to i remove a unibrow and keep it from not growing back again? Thanks!
A: You could use laser hair removal but its pretty expensive

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