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What does the gold bracelet mean

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Gold means make out. Anything else today? [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-the-gold-bracelet-mean ]
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What does 14KGB on a gold bracelet mean?
KGB means karat gold bonded. Which means a thin layer of gold is bonded over usually another precious metal such as silver.
What does 417 on a gold bracelet mean?
417 mean 10 karat gold and 585 means 14k and 750 means 18k
Does a gold bracelet means he likes me?
With knowing barely any details, I would say that he does. He mentioned "friendship", though, which may mean that he'd like to get to know you better. He may find you attractive, not just physically, but your personality. Still, I...

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What does 14 KM on my gold colored bracelet mean?
Q: I have a gold colored bracelet and on the clasp is stamped "14 KM" I have no idea what this means. Is my bracelet real gold, fake, or some other metal all together? If someone knows please let me know.
A: I have research all my known sources for gold stamps and hallmarks, I could not find any with "14KM"I will continue to research.
In the Indian culture, braclets have meaning. What does the gold bracelet mean?
Q: Although I am not from the Indian culture, however last year was married, and my mother-in-law gave me to gold bracelets. Am just curious as to what the meaning of giving gold braclet (bangles), if any.
A: Jewellery is jewellery. It is just that those bracelets are made of gold. It is a tradition to pass on a part of the family jewellery to family members. It is OK, just accept with thanks. When times comes you will be giving these bracelets to your future daughter-in-law (if any).
what does 12KGF mean on a gold bracelet?
Q: i have a gold bracelet i was trying to pawn and they said its not pure gold .so they didn't pawn it.i don't know what the difference is?could I get money for it?
A: Your first three responders are dead wrong12KGFstands for 12 karat gold filledgold filling is like a gold "coating" that is placed over a base metal of some type... usually a lead free zinc metalThis item is still worth SOME moneybut only a fraction of the money it would be if it where 12 or 14 karat gold...Sorry☼ ////

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