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What does an earring on the right ear mean

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An earring on the right ear of a man is supposed to mean he is gay. But this is not always true. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-does-an-earring-on-the-right-ear-mean ]
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What does 3 or more earrings in male right ear mean??
In the US, three or more earrings in a male's right ear mean that he is young (older males generally do not wear any earrings), and wants to show off a bit.
What ear does a man wear an earring?
If you have one earring, then get it in the left ear.
Why is an earring in the right ear gay?
when homosexuals were more prosecuted than present day... it was used as a way to identify themselves to one another without getting chastised, beaten, and even killed in some cases!

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if a guy has an earring in his right ear only does it mean he's gay!?
Q: There's a co worker and he has an earring in his right ear does it mean he's gay i was just a lil curious it doesn't mean i critisize him he's a good friend but i feel to embarras to ask him.
A: Originally if a man had his left ear pierced it meant that he was gay and sexually dominant, and having his right ear pierced meaning gay and sexually submissive.Gradually, it evolved to a man with his right ear pierced perceived as being gay and a man with his left ear being pierced perceived as being straight.It now just means a pierced ear and has nothing to do with a person's sexual orientation.(Men getting their ear pierced originated with pirates; the value of the earring was meant to pay for their burial if they were lost at sea and their body washed ashore).
What does a single earring in the left ear mean?
Q: I know that a man with a single earring in the right ear is gay, while wearing two earrings is just in poor taste. But a single earring in the left ear? What the heck does that mean?
A: by process of elimination it would have to mean you're straight
what does an earring in the left ear mean?
Q: what are the social meanings of earrings and anklets and the side they are worn on?
A: Your first answer was oposite from the truth. It's widely known that your right ear is gay and your left ear is straight, but one means it has to be really expensive. Like basketball players, Kobe Bryant, Micheal Jordan, etc...big diamonds. Search for images of pics of famous atheletes if you don't believe me.

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