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What color to wear on Tuesday

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You should wear blue on Tuesday. If you have any more questions please text them in! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-color-to-wear-on-tuesday ]
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What color can you wear on tuesday?
What is your favorite color to wear on tuesdays?
Well its the day right after Monday so I say its time for somefun colors. Some Tuesdays can feel like Mondays right? Well why not brighten it up with hot pinks, yellows or greens? Also, play to the color of you eyes: if u have brown eye...

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what color tights should i wear on tuesday?
Q: I love wearing tights on Tuesdays....what color should i wear?i will have to buy some lime green tights...i do have pink i could do that, maybe lime green next week
A: Lime green! They look fabulous and are very slimming! You will look very sexy! Grrrrr........ And if you don't have lime green tights you need to buy them....NOW! No you should wear the lime green ones this week! Pink is boring everyone has pink tights. You don't what to look like some little six year old doing ballet!
I am planning to wear black on Monday, green on Tuesday, what color should I wear on Wednesday?
A: Purple
what color should i wear on tuesday???
A: Wear something red. Red will look good on you!

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