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What are some tips for straightening your hair

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For a temporary straight hair the most effective way for a perfect finish is to apply straightening balm to each section as you go [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/what-are-some-tips-for-straightening-your-hair ]
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What are some tips for straightening hair?
I have extremely curly hair! In high school I straightened it EVERYday! Wash and condition it.( try either Paul Mitchell, Redken, Bumble and Bumble) Use a ceramic round brush when you are blow drying it and blow dry it out straight. Make su...
Do you have any tips for straightening your hair?
Thermasilk is great for protection against heat. But also I have the same straightener and I use VO5! Miracle Mist every time before I straighten my hair and I have noticed that it does protect it more, and best of all its not really expens...
Could you give me some tips on curling hair with straighteners??
I curl my hair a lot with the straighteners and i dont do it like that video shows. Section your hair like your gonna straighten it, put the straighteners on your hair and turn the straighteners 360 degrees, and pull downwards. The slower y...

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What are some good hair tips for straightening your hair?
Q: I straighten my hair alot and i was wondering if there are products that can strighten my hair. when you straighten your hair as much as i do, you get split ends and dry hair! i don't want that!!! please help!i always thought that straight perms are expensive, r they?
A: How to Straighten your Hair With a Flat Ironhttp://homebeautytips.blogspot.com/2007/04/how-to-straighten-wavy-hair-with-flat.html
What are some good tips on straightening hair? products?
Q: i just REALLY want to know some good tips on straightening hair to make it extra straight and stay straight, i have EXTREMELY curly hair, and its dry and poofy so i like to straighten it a lot. any tips? id also like to know some products you would recommend to make it smooth, straight, and silky soft! thanks !
A: First of all, don't straighten your hair when it's curly. Blow dry your hair as straight as you can get it, THEN flat iron it. be sure to get an ionic, ceramic blow dryer and a ceramic (tourmaline is also good) iron. They help smooth your hair and decrease frizz without damaging your hair as much. I actually use a blow dryer from Europe that isn't sold anymore but I know that Conair blow dryers are good. When you get an iron, get a really good one. It will cost a lot but it's a good investment. Try to get a Solia, Sedu or a CHI. Solias are the least expensive (about 80 dollars) and the best straightener of the three. The sedu is better for your hair though, it keeps it shinier and smoother-just not as straight. The Chi's are ok and are around the same price as the Solia, but they only have ceramic coating. Be sure to get a serum, straightening product, heat protectant and a holding hairspray. John Frieda frizz ease have REALLY good serums (i use original) and straightening products (i use their straightening spray.) ALWAYS use a heat protectant before you flat iron your hair, otherwise it will damage your hair a lot worse. Try the Tresemme thermal creations spray. Then to hold your straight hair, use Dove Straightening Spray. It's non aerosol, doesn't make your hair as hard as a rock and it works well. If your hair really frizzes up during the day, get a smoothing creme for dry hair. Try either Frizz Ease finishing creme or garnier fructis anti humidity smoothing milk
what are some hair straightening tips?
Q: i have long hair down almost to my butt, and i just straightened my hair. sadly, it's not staying super straight like everybody elses! :( what are some tips that will keep my hair straight, withought it getting greasy?
A: divide your hair into three sections horizontally, (top, middle , bottom) & straighten one section at a time starting at the bottom ,pinning or clipping the other sections up while you do so, make sure you get every strand of hair. i use the wet to straight straightener & my hair stay pinStraightt all day :)good luckk

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