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Should I get my lip pierced on the left or right side

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Which is your dominant hand, your left or right? Whichever hand that is your should pierce the opposite side. ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/should-i-get-my-lip-pierced-on-the-left-or-right-side ]
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What side of my lip should i get pierced, left or right??
I have snakebites but if I were to take one out it'd be the left one. Therefore I think the right side looks better. But it does depent on your face shape. Just ask your friends what they think would suit you better. Or even get a texta and...
Should I get a lip piercing on my left side or right side of my m...?
if you are a lefty, go for the left. if you are a righty go for the right. the side you are experiences pain less than the opposite. say, for instance that i got a scrape on my right knee and i'm a righty. it would hurt but it would hurt mo...

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should ii get my top of my lip pierced left or right side?
Q: I'm getn my top lipd pierced nov.3 but the thing is ii have a beauty mark on my left side not to far frum my lip buh its small n ii like it buh ii still don't no which side to get the piercing at .
A: Okay 1. Get it left,And that stupid b**ch up there saying how people are going to say sh** about it thats bull.You really think everyones going to whisper behind your back.No, Nobody is going to care. PLUS, isnt it YOUR body.Everything you do, im sure at least someone in the world has something to say about it huh? But shoudl taht stop you?No.Your not here for everyones elses approval.Just imagine if nobody in the world did something for themselves jsut because somebody didnt like it?Just go for it.Its your body, not theres.And if somebody doesnt like it. Who the f**k cares?See what im getting at?:]But get one on the left, it will make it look like you have 2 uneven ones.lolz.So left.
which side is the right side to get the lip pierced left or right?
Q: i already have my left side of my nose done!the bottom lip!!!
A: Like empresstigerlilly said, It's completely up to you which side you want it on, but if you already have your nose pierced on the left, I think it might look a bit odd if you also had your lip pierced on the left also, because you should space them out so they enhance all of your face, not just part of it (think lopsided Picasso painting :p), so I personally think you should have your lip pierced on the right, to even out your face. Plus i think having the right side of the lip pierced is super cute, no matter what :)Much love and good luck deciding~!
what does a bottom lip left side piercing mean and what about the right side.?
Q: it doesn't really matter what side I get my lower lip pierced ..it matters to everyone in the town I live in...you know the smaller conservative type..my concern is because several years ago a girl got her nose pierced and was labled and gossiped about as a gay..and I forgot which side meant what
A: If you have a town like that they are going to light up about your lip piercing no matter what side you get it done on. Generally people who really believe that one side means one thing will believe whatever you tell them anyway. So if you start hearing things, just explain they're all mistaken, that its the reverse for lip rings. In the outside, adult world piercing sides no longer apply. The whole issue has completely passed on. Lip piercings never had a particular side in the first place and even earrings are now chosen on personal preference. People who still fantasize that one ear means something should consider getting a new hobby. Take a look at your mouth and choose which side you would prefer having your jewlery on. Make your descion based on that. Your fellow townies are going to talk no matter what, so have it on the side you really like best.

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