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Is it trashy to get your belly button pierced

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I don't think it's trashy to get your belly button pierced, but I do thing the long dangley jewelry is. ChaCha on. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-it-trashy-to-get-your-belly-button-pierced ]
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Is it trashy for a 14yr old to get her belly button pierced??
I do think its too young. I think its a very "sexy" thing, and at 14 you should not be "sexy". Wait until you are about 17-18 and are more aware of yourself, and actually want that kind of attention. I personally am a ...

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Would getting my belly button pierced be trashy?
Q: Or cute?
A: there are cons and pros ill start with the good things. it looks good. the bad things are infections the prices and bell rings. in pregency the belly button will strech and will make the ring look not so good. after the pircing the ring may get in the way of things and it will hurt if it gets bumped or ripped
im 13 and am getting my belly button pierced will it look trashy?
Q: both my parents sad yes but im afraid that everyones going to talk about me behing my back, will they?
A: Just don't go showing it off to everyone.
i want to get my belly button pierced but my dad thinks its trashy?
Q: im 16 years old and i really want it done. any ideas on how to convince my dad its not trashy and to let me get it done?
A: Fathers tend to have that mindset regardless, haha. Your dad was indeed a teenager way back when and once upon a time he probably found belly button piercings attractive, or does now. That, or it's just general media influence. It's basic observation. Loose girls tend to have belly button piercings. Daughter + belly button piercing = no.Be mature with him. You can't whine, fuss, or insult him for shooting you down. Tell him it's your body and you're growing up; you find belly button piercings cute or what not and you want one. It's your responsibility and you don't plan to unnecessarily flaunt it around (hopefully) and that's it's simply cosmetic. It's the same as dyeing your hair or wearing a bracelet, and a whole lot better than getting a tattoo.Or, you know, suck it up and wait two years.Good luck.

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