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Is 34d big

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A D cup is 4 inches beyond a woman's chest. Each letter represents an inch. A=1inch, B=2inches, etc. Thanks for asking ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/is-34d-big ]
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Is 34D big for a 13 year old?
Though some folks think it's above average even for an adult you may find this view more helpful. Boys and girls grow up at different rates, though usually girls have a growth spurt when younger than boys. Size is partly determined by our p...
Are 34D boobs big for my size?
its all about bodyshape. it would hugely depend on bodyshape. i know someone who is a size 2 and she is 5ft however she is a 34d too. however her body is like jennifer lopez, she has a huge butt and very curvy and very big hips for a size 2...
Is 34d considered big boobs on 121lb and 5'5" tall girl is t...?
Here's where you went wrong in your question. Shouldn't have said "tall GIRL". That makes it creepy. Liek we have some little freshman asking random strangers(probably over 18 at least) if they think shes "sexy." As fo...

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Is a 34D really that big of a chest size?
Q: Here's the deal, I'm a 34D at age 16. I've gotten comments on how my boobs have gotten smaller, from going for a 38D, would you say a 34 D is really that big?
A: I've been a C/D cup since I hit puberty. I used to hate them, but I looked around me and saw that it basically runs in my family.. my mom, grand mom.. so it has nothing to do with me, It's awkward during school years, but once you're older you will love them, I promise :)You know, my sister-in-law's husband is a cosmetic surgeon, and she tell me, when I tell her how i used to hate my boobs, that there are young girls who go through reductions with much, much bigger cups at her husband's clinic, so this size we have is pretty normal.
Is there a big difference between 34D and 32DD?
Q: Okay, one of the things I hate doing is shopping for bras. NO matter how many times I get fitted the sales person suggest the wrong size. Anyway, I used to be a 34C but now it fits small. I now wear a 34D and I was wondering would a 32 DD would fit me? IS there a big difference between a 34D and 32DD?Where can you find 32DD? VS doesn't have them. What stores in CA?
A: 34D and 32DD have the same exact cup size. The only differences is that the cups will be a little closer together with the 32 and the band will also be smaller.When you decrease the band size you increase the cup size by one cup.You will never get the same measurement in different stores because many of them don't know how to measure in the first place, nor do they know how to do simple math to figure out your bra size. You should really go to a seamstress or someone that specializes in making bras and measuring for them. These are the only type of people that actually know how to use a tape measure properly. You'll be waisting your time and your money in a department store, especially in Victoria's Secret because they use an old, incorrect method of measuring.As for finding your size, Frederick's carries a bunch of 32DD's but I find their cups to run a bit small and the bands too big. Marshall's and TJMaxx carry all sorts of bras and sometimes you can find a 32DD (I just found two there, one is a Felina and the other is a CK)
Is 34D to big of a bra size for a 12 year old?
Q: My 12 year old sis wanted me to ask this. She's 12, 5"2, and 105 lbs. She gets made fun of a lot and she wants to no if it's normal
A: It's definitely above average, she's just an early bloomer. It might be a good idea to see a doctor if she has any concerns about her early growth but she should be fine. She might want her breasts to stop growing now though since anything larger can get uncomfortable.

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