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How long should you keep a pair of underwear

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You should keep them until they fall apart. However, don't get in any car accidents while wearing them. Embarrassing! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-long-should-you-keep-a-pair-of-underwear ]
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What is the longest amount of time a person should keep a pair of...?
if u scratch ur but and hit ur hinney, i'd say it's time to toss them.

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How long should we keep a pair of underwear before throwing it out.?
Q: Does underwear have a recommended expiration date?
A: I guess when they start to look raggy, saggy, holey and worn out. Also, at least for guys, if they are not holding things in place any longer, time to go!
I would like to know how long should you keep underwear for?
Q: Like re-washing re-wearing and re-putting back into you drawer II cant really explain what I mean but this is as much as I could say like how long should u keep one pair as equals 2 all ur underwear but yea..I change my underwear everyday Im talking about how long should u keep underwear like I heard u should keep underwear for 6 months
A: I change twice a day for the pants. Since female has discharge (the normal one), so it is important to keep pants clean to prevent yeast infection.For bra, I can use it for 2 days before washing it. Depends where you live, whether the weather is hot and you sweat a lot or not.
How long shold a person keep a pair of underwear? And what do you do with them once they are too old?
Q: I must have boxers, calvin klein boxer briefs, whitey tighteys, etc. that are over 5 years old. Breaking up with underwear is hard to do.
A: Ha, this is a good question. Underwear is something that in my opinion should be replaced every 6 months or so. If you got holes then you should replace. As long as its comfortable i wont throw it out. ^_^

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