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How do I get rid of zits in one day

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Some people claim that you can get rid of a zit overnight by washing your face then applying a dab of toothpaste to the zit. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-get-rid-of-zits-in-one-day ]
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How to get rid of a zit in one day?
There's a product called, Heal and Conceal. And like that product treats the zit, because it contains tea tree oil. That's like an disinfectant/antiseptic and it also contains vitamin c, e and b complex for healing. Plus its also a conceale...
Is there a way to get rid of a zit in one day?
I always put toothpaste on a bad zit over night then I put a hot compress over it in the morning and then later in the day I'll put ice on it to reduce redness. Don't pop it though! It will just make it more infected and more red. The compr...
How do you get rid of a zit in less than one day??
you can try hydrocortisone cream to shrink some of the swelling, but other than that- you'll have to wait until the little pustule pops on its own! Excising a pimple before it's ready can cause a scar and you don't want that. Benzoyl Peroxi...

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how do i get rid of zits in one day?
Q: i have like five zits under my bangs and i am seeing someone on thursday 7/9/09 and i can't have one zit!!!
A: Try hydrogen peroxide. Soak a cotton ball with it, the hold it where the zits are for 10 minutes. Since it's on your forehead, take extra care not to get it on your bangs/eyebrows because it will bleach them. The skin will be whiter, but that will go away after a few minutes. :) Hope it helps you!
how can i get rid of zits bye tomorrow and keep them gona for one day?
Q: i have picture day tomorrow and i don't like to wear makeup. is there a way i can get rid of pimplesand acne by tomorrow and for it to last all day tomorrow????
A: it happened to me right before prom! Scary situation. So I sqweezed it first then I spent about an hour applying Alcohol to it. then apply toothpaste then pick the scab in the morning. Apply moisterizer( a lot) then make up and walla! Not the best way to do it but I does work! Did it on friday
How to get rid of zits in a day?
Q: Anyone got any home remondys or quick ways 2 get rid of zits in a day or two.
A: no

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