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How do I get prettier

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Beauty comes from within. If you feel pretty, then you will look pretty. But a new haircut/highlight always makes me feel pretty [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-get-prettier ]
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Beauty comes from within. If you feel pretty, then you will look pretty. But a new haircut/highlight always makes me feel pretty
Aww I'm sure you're gorgeous. And what do you mean your eyes can be a problem? People love "Asian" eyes. It doesn't matter what other people say about you, it matters what you think about you. So the most important thing is for...
If you are a girl, a good way to get prettier is to wear makeup. Also using proactive acne solution is a very good way to keep your skin looking young and it tightens your skin. If you want to bring out your eyes, Lash Blast mascara does wo...

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Do You think people get prettier as they get older?
Q: I'm not talking 40 going on 50. I mean as people grow through high school or college can they get better looking. My friend's mom was horrifying before and around 16 or 17 she became gorgeous (I saw the pics) the reason I care so much is because I'm hoping once my braces get off and I get contacts then I won't look like a 10 year-old any more.
A: i think so because they begin to like the other sex.....so they want to look better

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