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How do I get finger nail polish off my skin

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Allow the nail polish to dry completely on the skin before you attempt to remove it. Scratch off as much of the dry polish (MORE?) [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/how-do-i-get-finger-nail-polish-off-my-skin ]
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How can you get finger nail polish off of skin?
Removing Nail Polish From Skin Various ways to remove nail polish from skin: ・ You need to bathe the skin for about 15-20 minutes in warm water and it should just rub right off. I ... ・ Use the nail polish remover that you would use on your...
How do you get finger nail polish off of a babies skin??
Soak in warm water, and rub gently with soft cloth. The skin has natural oils that will build up under the nail polish and it will rub off when soaked in warm water. Good Luck!

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When you paint your own finger nails or toe nails, how do you get the nail polish off your skin if you go over
Q: I just painted my finger nails and they look good, except for the fact that I goofed on a few and got some polish on my skin. Anyone have some great tips to get the excess polish off without messing up my manicure?
A: use a q-tip with remover on it, so you don't mess up your nails! also, for future times, there is a cool thing that most places that sell nail polish sell, and it is nail polish remover in a slim bottle, and at the top is a neat sponge thing that forms around what ever you want it to (so it takes the excess polish off really fast and nicely.) i love mine. have fun : )
What takes nail polish off of skin, but not nails?
Q: I'm a big-time left person. I bat righty, and in dancing, my right foot is actually dominant, but when it comes to holding untensils, I am nothing but a lefty. Because of this, I have a lot of problems painting my left hand nails, and I always seem to get it on my fingers, and all that. Is there any special trick I could do to get the paint of of my skin, but not my nails? Thanks in advance.
A: use some nail polish remover or if its really bad get some acitone u can get it for taking off french nail finger tips . but ya if it wont come of get some acitone my dad gave some to me and it worked great just dont use to much or leave the bottle open or u could get sick. and keep ur window open if u can :)
Nail polish remover taking off skin?
Q: I just got done taking my nail polish of my nails.We didn't have a cotton ball so I used a a tissue with nail polish remover on it.it took some of my skin off of my fingers where I was holding the tissue.As soon as I noticed it I went and washed off my hands and feet.Is this safe?Another thing, My mom mixed 2 nail polish removers together because she had some and i was almost empty in my bottle....Could that have something to do with it?
A: No, I recommend you stop using that brand of nail polish remover immediately.Thats not normal at all.

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