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Does vinegar stain clothes

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No. Vinegar usually doesn't stain clothes. It can be used to clear stains from clothes though. Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-vinegar-stain-clothes ]
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Can Vinegar stain your clothes? Colored and white.....??
No i think vinegar is just going to make the item cleaner.It is a good whitener but does not bleach out.
Does vinegar and baking soda stain clothes?
Probably not (if it's distilled vinegar), but it's possible. Water can stain some delicate fabrics.
Can vinegar take rust stains out of clothes?
I have successfully used white vinegar to remove rust stains from clothing and carpet. Spray undiluted vinegar onto the stain and scrub it with a toothbrush. Then I would wash it and add 1/2 cup borax to the wash.

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Can Vinegar stain your clothes? Colored and white.....?
Q: I understand that vinegar may get clothes cleaner and maybe whiter but what about useing it on colored clothes will it like discolor them or bleach them out?? Has anyone used vinegar on there colored clothes?
A: No i think vinegar is just going to make the item cleaner.It is a good whitener but does not bleach out.
Can you remove dirt/mud stains by using vinegar as a stain removal for clothes?
Q: can you use colored vinegar?
A: treat the stains with Shout and rub gently let it stand for a bit , then place the clothes into the laundry tub or basin to soak into soapy water for at least 30 minutes, rub with your hands to loosen the dirt rinse and place the clothes in the washer add detergent and keep the lid up this way when the cycle ends they will soak a little longer let's say at least 1 hour, after that lower the lid and rinse them twice they should be clean and stain free by now.
Does vinegar discolor colored clothes?
Q: I have a light blue shirt that has faint yellow armpit stains on it (agh, :( gross i know) and i know that vinegar can get rid of those stains on white clothes for sure when you spray it directly on the area and let it set and stuff, but what about vinegar on colored clothes? Will the vinegar discolor my blue shirt? If i cannot use vinegar, what can i use to get rid of those horrible embarrassing armpit spots?thanks for your time :)
A: If it's cotton, white vinegar should actually "set" the dye in the fabric instead of fading the color. Cotton (dresses, shirts, skirts, etc.) with bright colors and patterns can be kept from fading if you wash them first (and later as well) in vinegar water with a little salt tossed in the mix. Let the fabric soak and it sets the dye. It should not cause it to discolor. Vinegar is wonderful and gentle on most all things, a great cleaner. Works on better all cottons, expensive, cheap, etc.

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