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Does Rogain make facial hair grow faster

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Rogaine has been approved for increasing hair growth on the head. It hasn't been marketed or tested for facial hair growth. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-rogain-make-facial-hair-grow-faster ]
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Will rogaine make body hair and facial hair grow??
It can, it was introduced in 2000, but beware of side effects: acne on the area where it is being used as a topical solution headaches and/or lightheadedness very low blood pressure irregular or fast heart beat blurred vision chest pain For...

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How can I make my facial hair grow faster?
Q: I've heard all the myths like shaving it more makes it grow back in thicker and faster, but I've tried that and still nothing. My facial hair grows very patchily and thinly and slowly. I want a real face of hair but can't achieve it. Anyone know any secrets like putting rogain on my face or something? I've heard a lot of crazy ideas, any more would be great. (By the way, I'm a 20 year old male and not a child or a woman so that rules out those reasons as to why I don't grow good facial hair out).
A: Most likely you have what you have at your age. Seriously, many guys have patchy beards, way more than you probably realize. If you have smooth areas they probably will always be, and so your chances of growing a full beard are probably low. Just accept you don't have a lot of facial hair and move on. If you want to grow a beard, let your hair grow out a bit and then see what you have to work with--- many guys with bare patches on the jawline often will just grow a moustache or goatee since they can't get a full line of growth back to the sideburns. Good luck.

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