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Does loreal test on animals

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L'Oreal says not since 1989. In 2007 they started using an 'Episkin' process, validated by ECVAM, which requires no animals. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-loreal-test-on-animals ]
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Does gardnie frutis shampoo or loriel paris test on animals??
Garnier Fructis doesn't. I don't know about Loreal Paris.
Why test on animals?
This has been a great debate previously. I am against testing on animals because it has been proved ineffective regarding drugs, etc. Animals are not human beings. I gave an alternative which was used in the past (not sure if they still use...
What do they do when they test on animals?
Depends on the product in question. It can be as you mentioned. It can also be that they put said product in the eyes of the animal to see if it causes blindness or have them ingest it to see how poisonous it may be. But really depends on t...

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Does Loreal test its products on animals?
Q: I thought they stopped years ago. Now I'm reading that they're "trying" to stop, they started again, they never really stopped blah blah blah. What is their deal? It is absolutely unbelievable that ANYBODY is still doing this.Do not post a reply telling me that animal testing is "real life." Tell that to companies like Revlon, Almay, St Ives, etc. Somehow they manage to produce quality products at reasonable prices without participating in such an outdated and barbaric practice. If you think animal testing is necessary, you need to get an education.
A: ....Well unfortanitly its true and they are known to test there makeup and face creams and more on a wide range of animals like Rabbits to rats in that case was some disgraceful eye irritation tests and more the animals almost allways try to scrape the product off but instead they go mad and lick the skin anything to get it off of them but then it ands up getting in there system an more these people of course forcefully make these animals go through this and it makes me sick to know that people are still doing this it really needs to stop....you can see more on this site hope this helped..
does loreal canada test on animals?
Q: I've recently converted to a completely vegan lifestyle and I'm trying to make sure that products I have previously used are cruelty-free. I dye my hair black very often and I go to the salon to do so. I dont by retail color, so I dont have much of a choice on what company I use. My salon is currently using Loreal Canada hair colors and products. I cannot get a deffinitive answer of whether or not Loreal Canada tests on animals.anyone know?I know that sometimes different branches of the same company have different policies. Like the way Mountain Dew in the US contains caffiene but it doesn't in Canada. ie: if Loreal USA tests on animals, does that necessarily mean that Loreal Canada tests on animals?if it turns out they do, I'm going to have to find another hair color. Black is black though, I guess. lol.
A: its been a little while since i purchased loreal products, but i am pretty sure that it had the cruelty free symbol on it. its not very common for cosmetic products to *not* have the symbol.
does loreal still test on animals?
Q: they claim to be making an effort to stop, but I need some links to know conclusively if they still do or don't
A: I had heard that they where not any more, but they don't appear to be on my Compassionate shopping guide as company that do not test on animals. so i would say that they do test on animals. They are going to stop. They bought the Body Shop international, and they wanted them so they could start learning from them, picking up some of there ethical was

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