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Does deodorant expire

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If a product has no expiration date on it, then the product is assumed to be stable enough to not expire. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-deodorant-expire ]
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Does deodorant expire?
yes almost everything expires ecept water.
Does deodorant really expire?
It doesn't deteriorate in the same way that food does, but it can dry up and become sticky or claggy. Just turf it when it starts to annoy you, or when you think it has lost its potency.
What to do with expired deodorant?
I have unintentionally used expired deodorant. You'll know when it's not working. Trust me. Only after I "knew" it wasn't working, did I look at the bottom of the container to see the expiration date. I don't have any suggestions ...

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Does Deodorant expire??
Q: My deodorant that I got about 2 weeks ago says its expired already! Does it lose its ability to work or should I still use it?
A: Yes you can check the expiration date printed on the container (or whatever it's called). It can be be printed anywhere on the container, so you should make sure to check the bottom.
Does Anti-perspirant or deodorant ever expire if you use it past it's expiry date?
Q: For example, i found this anti-perspirant that said it expired in augest of 2004, would i still be able to use it?Also for more information, it is brand new and has not been used.
A: You will be able to use it after the expiration date, No problem.But if you use it after 10 or 20 months that will be the problem...Plz choose me as best answer!!
What happens when you used expired deodorant?
Q: I just found a ton of stuff including deodorant in the back of my closet. I never realized deodorant expires, but when i looked at the seal it says EXP: 6/08I'm guessing I shouldn't use it, but what happens if I do?
A: It should be OK. Give it a try and see. I would if I were in your situation. It might perhaps be less creamy than normal but would still work. If you experience a rash, toss it out.

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