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Does Covergirl test on animals

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Cover Girl tests on animals, they are listed on Peta's website on the "Do" list. ChaCha on! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/does-covergirl-test-on-animals ]
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Does Covergirl test on animals?
DOES TEST: Cover Girl Max Factor Neutrogena Sally Hansen L'oreal Aveeno Clean and Clear Lancome Maybelline Garnier Dove Suave Pantene DOES NOT test on animals. (safe to buy) Almay Amazing Cosmetics Arbonne Aveda Avon BARE ESENTUALS bath and...
Does covergirl really test on animals?
Yes! Especially the mascara, where they perform allergy tests directly into the eyeballs of rabbits. They leave the formula in to see if the eye reacts, sometimes rotting the eyeball of the rabbit (WHO IS AWAKE) in the process. Completely d...
Do Covergirl and Almay test their products on animals??
They might, or they might not. You would need to do more research and find that out, or if you already have some of their products, or are looking at the store, check the packaging. If it says something like "No animal testing" th...

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Does covergirl makeup test on animals?
Q: I use mostly covergirl makeup right now.does it test on animals??if it does....bye covergirl!!hahayeah...i'm on that peta status.
A: Sorry but CG does test on animals, i did a big project on animal experimentation at the end of my 12 grade year for my English class and Procter and Gamble is who makes CG make up and they test on animals. :0(
Does Covergirl test on animals?
Q: I'm an avid Covergirl user and I would be crushed if I found out they tested their products on animals. I've heard from some that they do and I've from others that they don't. Do any of you know?
A: unfortunately, covergirl does test on animals :[the moment i found out i was shocked & why covergirl would ever do such a thing.so when i found out, i still used the last of my covergirl products [i spent money on them, not just gonna throw it away] and stopped using covergirl.now i use Avon and Revlon.it's all great & absolutely flawless.x
does covergirl...really test on animals?
Q: a site with a little proof would be great!because i heard covergirl tests on animals??does anyone know if any other big make-up brands test on animals?thanks in advance!
A: Covergirl, owned by Proctor and Gamble, says a whole bunch of rhetoric. http://www.covergirl.com/askcg.jsp (type in "animals" )Excerpt from the Covergirl site:"P&G has ended research involving animals on all our finished consumer products except when required by law. We use non-animal alternatives first. We'll only use animal testing when there are no other reasonable options. In our Healthcare business, we're focused on developing innovative medicines that improve people's lives. Current regulatory standards require animal research while developing these medications. It's our policy to use the minimum number of animals necessary while working toward our goal of the reduction and replacement of animals. We continue to identify screening techniques that are acceptable to global regulatory groups to take the place of animal tests in the earliest phase of drug discovery. "The above is a disclaimer from P&G. So you can assume that covergirl does test on animals. However, Covergirl may not test on animals, but in supporting Covergirl, you would be supporting P&G and thus, supporting animal cruelty.Lots of companies do test on animals, the only way to be certain is if their product has that picture of a rabbit or says, "does not test on animals"I thought MAC didn't, but I can't find anything on their site.

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