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Do people think im pretty

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I asked the ChaCha Magic 8 Ball if you're pretty, and it said, "Absolutely!" Thanks for using ChaCha! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/do-people-think-im-pretty ]
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Do people think im pretty?
I think most girls your age feel a little insecure about the way they look. You are a pretty girl now but in 5 years you'll be a total knock-out. It's always easy for people to judge but they're only mean because of their own insecurity - s...
Do you hate it when...? People post questions that say do you thi...?
I just saw 2 such questions. They are so annoying. It's like, insecure much?!?!
Why do people always ask the "do you think im pretty" q...?
Because they are insecure and are just hunting for compliments. It's pathetic that they are so insecure they need complete strangers to tell them how good they look. I don't even answer those questions anymore.

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Lots of people tell me im really pretty but I don't think I am?
Q: When I'm just walking down the road I will get people stopping me and telling me I am a very pretty young girl. When I am at school my friends tell me all the time and so do the teachers. But I don't think that Im that pretty. I am 14 years old What should I do ?
A: Accept the compliment without it ever going to your head. Your beauty is a wonderful gift. We all have self doubt about ourselves this is why it is so great to have other people tell you the things that you cannot see yourself. Believe all the positive stuff.
how can i make myself pretty i think im ugly but people my friend thinks im pretty but i dont trust her HELP?
Q: pz i need an answer i try to feel good about myself but it doesn't work and every night im saying to myself im pretty but it still doesn't work
A: try going shopping and buying a really cute outfit that makes your good features stand out. wear eyeliner to make your eyes pop and wear cute makeup. also don't forget to smile. and remember its not all about looks. i bet your beautiful on the inside and out
is it wrong to think im pretty when other people disagree?
Q: alright well i think im pretty but then i know some girls who are super full of themself's (but are nice), well they think im ugly.. & everytime i say "i think i look good............" they laugh like hell.. is it wrong of me to think that way?also tons of guys are interested in me. =S i think
A: I think it's great that you're confident but it becomes a problem when you're over-confident especially infront of friends because they tend to take it the wrong way and either laugh at you or become bitchy, and im sure you dont want that, i think that if your confident about the way you look you probably don't need to say anything because inner confidence shines through, and you'll be able to tell from the outside and so will your friends,and they too will notice how good you look. i don't think their very nice friends of yours if they laugh at you because you say that you look good, maybe their just jelous or don't want anybody covering their spotlight?!..everyone is pretty in their own different ways!hope this answers your Q!j x

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