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Can men use Nair on their face

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You could use Nair, but I don't think it works as good as shaving. Plus, they don't recommend putting Nair on your face. [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-men-use-nair-on-their-face ]
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Can men use Nair on their faces?
DON'T USE NAIR! It's horrible and it causes red irritation all over the face that burns like crazy. Hair removal creams aren't really supposed to be used anywhere besides legs... I guess Veet, a different brand of hair removal cream, would ...
Is Nair Safe to use on a Man's Face
Most of these products say specifically not to use on the face. The type you're referring to is really for fine hairs; I doubt it would work on a guy's face. I wouldn't do it anyway, for several reasons: it makes you smell funny, and it cou...
What are the potential risks when using Nair for Men to remove fa...?
wow, there's nair for men?...who knew? I have used other shave creams like black magic. i found them too messy to use, but any time u use a depilatory u run the risk of irritating your skin. possibly scaring it. unless you absolutely hate ...

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If I use Nair for men on my face instead of shaving will I still get hair bumps?
Q: I can't shave because I get like pimples when the hair grows back and curls under so if I use Nair for men which dissolves the hair will I still break out?
A: Oh no brother man that stuff's TOO harsh for facial hair. and if your avatar is correct to what you are (black man), you especially don't need to use that on your face. your best bet is to use some Essential oil of Lavender (neat - that's without the carrier oil) before and after each shaving (although you choose not to shave). if you want to use a depliatory use the (oooh that stuff stinks) Magic Shave.
Is their anything like Nair that I can use safely on my head or face?
Q: When I cut my hair I always cut it all off. If I shave it myself I would, but my hands aren't that steady. Id really would like not having to cut my hair every 3 months or less. Is their anything like Nair that I can use safely on my head or face? I used Nair for Men before, and it worked ok. My skin was a little sensitive to it, but nothing serious. Is there anything I could use?Most barber shops around don't shave heads. They do this for safety reasons, to pervent the spread of disease.
A: why wont you go to a barber shop get a pro hair cut there not all are exspensive my brother got haircut for 7$
Is it alright to use NAIR for men on my face like under my chin?? And will it change the color of my skin?
Q: I'm an african american male and I'm scare when I see black men with dark see under there chin because of shaving with a blade.
A: It might give you rashes. It's better if you try a small spot on your chin before going thru it. But I suggest you should use appropriate products for your skin type. You don't want to irritate your skin or worse get those nasty rashes or burns from using wrong products. Here are some products that couple of my friends uses:http://www.black-skin.com/photos/products.jpghttp://www.black-skin.com/

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