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Can hair grow through scabs

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Yes, it is possible for hair to grow through scabs. ChaCha again! [ Source: http://www.chacha.com/question/can-hair-grow-through-scabs ]
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Why is my a hair strand growing from a pit where I picked my scab...?
Hair follicles are inside the dermis, the living part of the skin. Pimples are infections resulting from blockages of pores (usually sweat glands, sometimes hair follicles) in the epidermis, the outside layer of skin. Scars form because of ...
Will my dog's hair grow back after a scab fell off?
Yes it will grow back, my dog gets cuts all the time and after the scab falls off there is usually a bald spot it takes time but the hair will grow back in.

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i have a question regarding hair dye and chemical burns to the scalp?
Q: I got my hair dyed last year from black (my natural color) to blonde.it did not turn blonde, but a really ugly straw yellow. within one week, the stylist kept dying my hair,leaving the dye on my head for long periods of time,having me believe that if i left it longer itll change to my desired shade.unfortunately it did not happen.i felt so much pain on my scalp,a terrible burning feeling,that i asked them to rinse out the dye ASAP.it was dyed liked this for one week,about 2-3 times each visit, and about 4-5 visits within that week.i went home and i could start picking scabs off my scalp,little ones and also pieces of skin that was coming off the scalp at the hair root.so basically the piece of skin i picked off had a hole in the middle indicating where the hair grew through.there were many pieces of this,and so i went to the salon and just asked them to dye my hair back to normal which they did.i am wondering if there are any short term or long term damages to my scalp now. thanks.
A: The biggest problem is when the hairdresser uses fake dye (knowingly or unknowingly). Some can cause cancer. I had terrible headaches. I saw a doctor - and maybe you should too.My solution is to go grey gacefully (and keep my spiderman mask on). Source(s):A fellow sufferer
Skin is breaking out after tattoo?
Q: I received a tattoo on my lower right leg 7 days ago. The tattoo is healing fine with some scabbing. But the area shaved is now breaking out (red bumps where the hair should grow through). I assume it's from keeping the area moist with lotion (as instructed) but if anyone has any ideas let me know.Thanks.
A: all i can say is ease up on the lotion but not completly. try switching to lubriderm non-scented hypoallergenic lotion. its what my friends, family and i use! super mild and calming!
dog has an old wound on face that won't grow hair!?
Q: I rescued my dog Max 2 months ago and when I got him he had a scab on his nose that they told me was from sticking his nose through the fence. now the skin is healed and nice and pink but no hair is growing. does it just need more time or is it not going to grow back?just to clear the air I would love my dog no matter what even if he were completely bald. I'm actually kind of offended by some comments. the only reason i ask is because my family makes fun of him and i know he doesn't care but it makes me upset because he doesn't deserve that or the treatment he got before he came to me.
A: more than likely it won't grow back but don't feel bad that is just a good thing that should make him all the more special and others tease those they are jealous of.

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