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    UFOs: Are They Real?
    On September 23rd, 2015
    ... while. I can’t remember an incident more nerve wracking and more eerie in my whole tumultuous life to date then the one I’m about to relate to y...
    Arizona Prison Director Begs for Mo Money
    On September 1st, 2015
    ...slature for special needs regarding the upgrading and repairs of existing locking devices and alarms his words echo for his concern of staff safety as he use...
    Five Quotes from Olympic Athletes: Determination, Confidence and Perseverance
    On August 11th, 2015
    ...ose confidence after poor performances, injuries and missed goals. The following five Olympic athletes know, however, that determination, hard work, confiden...
    Tips for Buying Fruits and Vegetables Any Time of Year
    On July 31st, 2015
    ...ny nationwide; they don’t. That can change, however, by incorporating some simple tips into your shopping strategy that can make certain you get plenty...
    What Happened to the Classic Mystery?
    On July 2nd, 2015
    ...likely people had remarkable powers of observation which revealed facts from which the detective could logically reason to solve crime. The classic detective...
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