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    Why Remain Naked? Clothe Yourself
    On September 8th, 2015
    ...heir maker, Jehovah. Not until that day when they sinned that the relationship with the Father disappeared. They no longer were clothed but naked before Jeho...
    One-on-One with Evander Holyfield Part II: China Impression
    On August 5th, 2015
    ...ountry didn’t quit. Because this country didn’t quit, it hold the whole world.” – Evander Holyfield In the first episode of this ...
    Titanic (Series) by Gordon Korman: A Review
    On June 28th, 2015
    ...d humor. This latest series about the ill-fated Titanic delivers a good amount of action and suspense. The first book, Unsinkable sets up the characters an...
    Emily Dickinson’s Paradox of Death
    On May 11th, 2015
    ... her eccentric style of poetry. Dickinson, a master at metaphor, is known for her provocative material and her unusual use of syntax and punctuation. Dicki...
    Snakes, a Girl’s Best Friend
    On April 23rd, 2015
    ...iny four legged creatures that run around barking and take up a TON of time and money, yeah I’m not a big fan. Don’t get me wrong, dogs are great...
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