Toyota Fun-Vii Concept, a Smartphone on Wheels

by on September 29th, 2010
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Toyota once again shows that is one of the most innovative carmakers in the world, with the Toyota Fun-Vii concept that was unveiled at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show. And if you’re into smartphones and technology, then you will agree with me that this could be world’s first smartcar.

From the first look, we notice the car’s surprising styling, looking more like a submarine on wheels. All the styling elements were designed in a completely new way: the front part resembles Formula One cars and the LED lights are on the side of the car and go all the way to the rear, while the taillights are shaped like small fins mounted on the roof.

And if you’re wondering why this car looks like a giant touchscreen phone, well, it’s because that’s what it really is. Because the body is made of large displays using the same technology as modern mobile phones. Overlooking practical aspects like scratches or dirt, the Fun-Vii’s exterior can be considered a large display and the owner can choose to show anything he wants, from different colors to all sorts of images, giving the car unlimited customizable potential. But the body also acts as a touchscreen display and you can use it to talk to your friends, send text messages or surf the internet.

The futuristic theme is also continued on the interior, where the floor and the dashboard create a large display and the driver can customize it to show road related info or different images and themes depending on the mood. And the Toyota’s designers’ imagination doesn’t stop here, because the passengers can communicate through holograms.

Getting back to the real world, the Toyota Fun-Vii can transport three passengers, featuring two seats in the front and one in the rear, while the car’s compact size recommend it for urban driving. Of course, being a car of the future, it is powered by an all electric powertrain, about which Toyota hasn’t revealed too much, except for the fact that recharging the batteries can be made through a wireless system.

Unfortunately, while this car looks amazing and its specs sound out of this world, the Toyota Fun-Vii will only remain a concept car and it will never spawn a production version. However, since today’s technology advances with an incredible pace, there are chances that some of the technology we see on this concept car to equip production vehicles in the near future. Until then, all we can do is enjoy this amazing concept.

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