Top Ten Free iPhone Apps for Women

by on June 2nd, 2014
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This handpicked app selection is perfect for women. These apps are all designed to make life easier and help accomplish every day tasks on the go.

Google’s Latitude makes it easy to keep track of friends and family who also have the Latitude app by displaying everyone on a map. This is great for keeping track of loved ones and seeing where they are when you’re on your way to the same destination.

Ask a Stylist
If you’re ever someplace and need an instant opinion, this app is perfect. You can ask a stylist a fashion question and get an answer back in minutes. You can even send them a picture of what you’re looking at.

Adobe Photoshop Express
This great app gives you the power of Photoshop on your iPhone, making taking photos and sharing them even easier. You can crop, change saturation, lighten, darken, and more all from your iPhone.

TV Guide
When you need down time, this app makes TV watching easier. By programming in your zip code, you can get the TV Guide for your area. Plus, you can select favorite shows and channels for a customized TV list.

When you’re having a party or just by yourself, this app makes it easy to control iTunes wirelessly through your iPhone.

If you manage your money through Mint, the app makes it even easier to keep track of your finances. With the new upgrade, it’s even fast than before, as well.

If you’re as addicted to eBay, this app works just as well as the desktop version. You can even pay for items through the app and it will notify you if you’ve been outbid or an item your watching is ending soon.

Do you have a WordPress blog? With this app you can update your blogs on the go. It supports multiple blogs and you can even include pictures in your posts. Also, you can approve/decline comments through the app, as well.

Just hit this app and hold it up to any music. It will quickly identify it and store it for you, as well as give you links to find it on YouTube and the internet.

If you follow a lot of blogs through your Google Reader, you need the app to keep up to date on the go. It automatically syncs with Google Reader and has an easy to use interface.

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